Railway Museum

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The building is still very well preserved and now serves as a museum, serving as a culture and history to the city of Curitiba
The Railway Museum is without doubt one of the most charming places in Curitiba, as well as being beautiful and lovely things aside, you can also tell a little history of the city and make tourists journey through time and remember how everything was different in the years passed.

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Located in the Station Mall, which occupies the site of the old railway station of Curitiba, the Railway Museum has a unique collection collected by Network Rail, exposed permanently.

The museum aims to preserve the memory train, which had a fundamental role in the history of the state economy and Brazil.

With a library of more than 600 pieces, among which we highlight a large ledger book of the old station, clocks, telegraphs and a replica of steam locomotive, the site offers guided tours for school groups and can be customized according to the school level and the issues discussed by the students in the classroom, contributing to learning.


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