Rafting no Rio Formoso

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The adventure is exciting and delicious, and it is unforgettable
Have practiced Rafting? not? so do not waste time and practice now in Bonito, which will guarantee an unforgettable experience. Down the rapids and adventures in the waters of Bonito is simply outstanding and delicious. Are cracks running water that lead you to sigh with emotion.

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Practice Rafting on the Rio Formoso is a simply lovely experience. A tour made in rubber boats for a distance of seven kilometers with three rapids become unforgettable for you.

Access is by Padre Island, is 12 km from Bonito, passing three waterfalls and two rapids. The tour is the total time of noon, and provides hours of fun.

The tour ends at the Fazenda Porto Belo, a divine place that will get you to do a quick tour of the place and to enjoy dishes from there.

You can also choose to practice Rafting night, ensuring more adrenaline.


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