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The Prumirim Beach is accessible by secondary road near the waterfall known Prumirim, former core caiçara. Today is a condominium with vacation homes and some lodging establishments.

Beach sand and yellowish with approximately 1000 meters long, at some points is good for surfing. On the left side where the river empties Prumirim huge rocks and the sea is calmer. For those who enjoy untouched nature and the meeting of the Atlantic with the sea.

Well on the beach one can see the paradise of the lha Prumirim, tourist spot that receives many schooners and is very popular for diving. Access can be done with the boats that go out occasionally on the left side of the beach or by boat tours that leave from various nautical operator of Ubatuba.

In the backwoods of Prumirim is Guarani Indian village, with access by trail, the visitation is controlled and you need the accompaniment of a certified monitor.


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