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Prainha is a lovely place, full of landscapes and places that are worth exploring
Prainha is a small area located between the beach and is about 150 meters long. With strong waves, Prainha attracts surfers in search of great waves for surfing. She also has a wealth of fresh water that has now become environmental preservation. Although the infrastructure is small, Prainha is a delight.

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Prainha is a sanctuary still preserved, is approximately 150 meters long, white sands and crystal clear waters suitable for bathing.

Located right off the beach of Macumba, separated by a hill, accessible by car. The infrastructure of the beach is small with only two counting kiosks and a parking lot, but this is more than necessary for the public that this is a small beach goer.

The sea of Prainha, has strong waves, attracting surfers, so it is considered the best surf spot in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Throughout the year, National and International tournaments Surf.

Surrounded by hills covered with Atlantic forest is a source of fresh water and is located in the area of ​​Environmental Protection.

For those who prefer more partying at night, its worth enjoying the buzz of the Barra da Tijuca, a place full of charms and attractions.


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