Praia do Rosa

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About Praia do Rosa

Known for surfers of the 70s, the Rosa Beach is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world for its natural characteristics. Located in Imbituba, Santa Catarina and is 97 km from Florianopolis. It is known worldwide for environmental preservation in the region and by observing the whale free.

Praia do Rosa has many hotels and companies dedicated to services such as restaurants and nightclubs, which are leveraging other commercial activities.

The acceleration of progress in recent decades has been accompanied by an awareness of the need to preserve. In search of peaceful coexistence, the options are many for those who want tranquility or agitation, may be part of this paradise.

The strip of white sand, shaped like a crescent moon, is only two miles long. The supplements, however, make Praia do Rosa one of the most charming of the Santa Catarina coast. At each end, covered with native forest cliffs frame the scene and house tracks. In the middle of the landscape, a saltwater lagoon, which would have no other name than "Middle," serves as a refuge for couples with children who prefer to leave the blue sea for surfers.

Rose spreads her charms even the back roads of earth that lead to cozy inns and restaurants, mostly installed on top of hills overlooking the sea. In the rooms, comfort reigns, while at the tables, the seafood are the stars, always ready with a twist.

To enjoy the service, however, you must be aware of the timing of operation, many businesses close their doors in the low season, when the Rose is even more bucolic and turns into a sea of ​​tranquility, as in the summer, the buzz day and night is so great that it is unthinkable circular drive around the area.

Do not whine if you only have holidays in other seasons: July-November, the beach gets a view of distinguished right whales, which arrive to breed and feed their young. To enjoy them, just climb the cliffs or embark on a boat.

Nearby the trendy Garopaba, Praia do Rosa belongs to the municipality of Imbituba. Until the 80s, the fishing colony was known only by hippies and surfers gauchos. In the 90s, however, were the first enterprises that filled the landscape perfectly charming. Since then, Rose has become a consumer dream.


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