Praia do Forte

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About Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is a Brazilian beach located in the eponymous district in the municipality of Bahia de Mata de So Joo, about 50 km from Salvador, we get up there by the beautiful and well kept Coco Road. Much natural beauty mixed with history the Praia do Forte are one of the destinations of the north coast of Bahia.

There are over 12 km of beaches with natural swimming pools formed by reefs along the coast. Palm trees, predominant vegetation in this region, make the look even better. Enjoy the beaches and beautiful landscapes are an invitation to relax. One of the main attractions of the place is to visit the headquarters of the Tamar Project, an organization dedicated to preservation and study of sea turtles. There you can see up close these small animals and even discover that some of them are so small and so can reach over 3 meters in length.

The small village is formed primarily by local natives, fishermen, artisans and small entrepreneurs from various regions of Brazil and abroad, who love the beauty of the region are developing local trade and services, including bars and restaurants that offer various options, especially the basis of seafood. The main street has recently received a new urban and landscape design.

One of the cultural tours are the ruins of the only medieval castle built in the country, the family of Garcia dAvila, Tower House. The patriarch of the clan, Garcia Dvila, was keeper of the first governor general of Brazil, Tom de Sousa, who arrived in Bahia in 1549 to found the city of Salvador. Throughout the early years of colonization, Avila was able to accumulate an immense fortune, especially in land.

Came to control what is considered the largest estate in the world: their lands extended from Bahia to Maranho. At the headquarters of the plantation, he built the castle of Praia do Forte. The ruins are located about two kilometers from the village of Praia do Forte and visit them, tickets cost $ 6.00, $ 3.00 for students. Another walk is available from nearby know the Ecological Reserve and its trails Sapiranga bromeliads.

The villages main lodging option at the Praia do Forte Eco Resort, one of the best in the country. Another option are the hostels, with prices far cheaper.


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