Praia do Dentista

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The concentration of boats and yachts is huge, attracting stares for these beauties.
The beach is located at the Dentist Gipia Island and is the liveliest beach in Angra dos Reis, harbor mooring for boats and yachts, thus making a point that attracts a lot of people curious to see firsthand these beautiful boats. The beach is ideal for swimming and relaxation.

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It is the island which is located Gipia beach Jurubaba, or as it is known throughout the country, the beach Dentist. A beach cottage and the average size, is deserted most of the year, except during high season, when few tourists visit the place.

With a good range of white sand, has calm sea, crystalline waters. It is very conducive for swimming, especially for children, as well as water sports and fishing.

Nature lovers will also get along the shore of the dentist, because here you find a great opportunity to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach can relax and bathe in clear water.

One of the biggest attractions that bring the beach to be very popular is because it is a small harbor where moored boats, yachts and jetskys, and for some who have never seen up close a fantastic experience.

Being a deserted beach does not have an effective infrastructure, so it is recommended that tourists bring food and drink, lest unforeseen happen.

With a beautiful sight, its sea seems a natural pool, and no one can resist a dip.


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