Pouso Alegre

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About Pouso Alegre

Pouso Alegre is a municipality of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. It is located at latitude 22 º13´48" south and longitude 45º56´11" west, with an altitude of 832 meters.

It has an area of 543.068 km ². In 2010 its population was estimated at 130,615 inhabitants, being the 2nd most populous municipality in southern Minas and 18 of the state of Minas Gerais.

Despite being one of the most important economic centers in southern Minas, with more than 700 industrial units and many shops, Pouso Alegre still has memories of when he was just a resort hidromineral.

Between one and buy another, visit the Fountain Machado, a mineral spring located in a conservation area, the neighborhood hills of Santa Barbara.

Anyone traveling with small script should include a visit to the park that meets Zoobotânico animals, birds, orchids and walking trails.

Time to interact with residents of Pouso Alegre, head to the Mercado Municipal. The space is no longer just a simple place to shop for fresh produce to become a relaxed environment for chats.

Take some time to enjoy the pastel cornmeal, main attraction of the local cuisine.


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