Porto Seguro

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The Waterfront Beach Harbor Insurance, one of the busiest in Brazil

About Porto Seguro

Safe Harbor is a town in the extreme south of Bahia. Splits with Santa Cruz Cabrália the primacy of being the place of arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil.

The city was founded in 1534. It has about 126,770 inhabitants and is tilted almost entirely by heritage, not being allowed the construction of tall buildings. It is cut by the river Buranhém.

Miles colored cliffs out of sight, coral reefs, Atlantic Forest vegetation. No wonder that the Portuguese were delighted with the land they had just discovered while seeking the way to India, transforming the region of Porto Seguro in Southern Bahia, the birthplace of Brazil.

Although 500 years have passed, the natural beauty that won the Portuguese continue to be responsible for the group of tourists arriving by land and sea.

The fame of animation of the Discovery Coast runs the world and draws the attention of groups of young people seeking hectic 24 hours a day. However, although the slogans are lambaeróbica ax and, in particular on the beach, and Catwalk Taperapuã Alcohol is also options for those who arrive in search of peace and tranquility, as the charming and rustic Arraial d Ajuda town of Trancoso.

Porto Seguro won the titles of National Heritage and Natural Heritage, which was more than deserved. The city has its cultural riches with care, architectural and natural, bringing them together harmoniously. Pataxó culture of the Outside Reef Marine Park, including museums and historic buildings, preservation is a constant.

More beach not only live Porto Seguro and history. The city also offers a varied commerce on Alcohol Catwalk, a true open air shopping center, which includes shops, bars and restaurants with typical flavors of Bahia. She is also the handicrafts of the region, produced by the Indians Pataxó and accessible on the beach of the Red Crown, Santa Cruz Cabrália. They are beautiful decorative pieces made from bamboo, hardwood and clay, and accessories made with seeds and feathers.

For tourists who enjoy ecotourism trails in protected areas of Atlantic forest is also possible to practice you walk to the observation of species of animals and plants.

Porto Seguro is a perfect destination for those seeking hectic 24 hours a day, but also reserves special places to recharge the batteries.

What to do in Porto Seguro

In Porto Seguro, which has more points are to be visited and appreciated. If you want to know a little more about the history of Porto Seguro, Brazil, visit the Old Town, a lovely place that holds many things for you. The Old Town is nothing more than the first point that was inhabited in Brazil when he was discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral.

More if you are willing to cool off and sunbathe, follow our tips and meet three of the many beaches of Porto Seguro, the Taperapuã Beach and the beaches of the Red Crown and Mutá which are fit for swimming and ideal to enjoy the day hot.

The time you want to visit places with local crafts and a bohemian area, do not waste time and knows the Alcohol Catwalk, a place full of fancy and stuff. The Catwalk Alcohol is nothing but an open air shopping center with bars, restaurants and shops in the center of town. It is where tourists and locals are starting to heat up your night.

The Alcohol Catwalk is the best place to taste Bahian food and delights the basis of seafood. At the very end of the street, a place called ´The Alley´, brings together several bars and restaurants more welcoming and peaceful.

The Recife de Fora is a place called Marine Park and protected by local law. Is there one of the best points for diving in the region. There are rare species of fish, coral and turtles visible with snorkel mask. In the vicinity are excellent spots for scuba diving bottle, with depths reaching 15 meters.
For those who like history, the Discovery Museum will enchant. It is there that the guidelines are archived on the discovery of Brazil and can be visited by close to those who want to know more about the history of the country.

Occupying an area of ​​20 square meters, the memorial has only 600 square meters of built area. The rest of the space houses a huge botanical garden with typical vegetation of restinga and a replica of the Flagship, the vessel that brought Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil and his crew. Pataxó Indians are descendants of the local guides.

The culture of Porto Seguro does not stop there. There is Jaqueira Indian Reservation, with 827 hectares of native forest and scattered by the empty reserve still in its original format, refer to distant times. Engaged in the proposed development, the Indians welcomed visitors dressed and painted a character for presentation of dances and rituals.

Finally, Porto Seguro in store for you this and more, making an unforgettable journey.

When to Go to Porto Seguro

Like any resort town in Brazil, Porto Seguro receives tourists all year round, especially being located in the northeastern part of Brazil, where much of the year if it is sunny and hot.

More city holds events that are worth being known during the trips, Gastronomic Festival and the Discovery Coast, always performed in the second fortnight of July, 15 days for a tasting of cuisine typical of Porto Seguro prepared there, fresh to you . There are over 30 different restaurants setting menu for the festival which happens on the catwalk of Alcohol in Arraial d Ajuda, Santa Cruz Cabrália and Belmonte.

Another time of year that stands out is Porto Seguro at the carnival, when the town hosts the Carnaporto, an event that brings together blocks and electric trio of Alcohol on the catwalk.

In relation to climate, Porto Seguro spends much of the year with peak temperature at 42 ° C, decreasing in winter, it reaches 25 ° C. The chance of rain in Porto Seguro are the months of July and August, it´s very rare to receive a visit the city of constant rain, no more than a few passing shots in which the temperature remains high and hot.

Although these are the periods when it may rain in Porto Seguro, who goes there in August admits to being a delight, especially for those who want peace and tranquility, as is common in those times the city receive a fleet of tourists lower than the normal.

Nevertheless, at any time of year is worth knowing Porto Seguro, which is a true paradise in Northeast Brazil.

How to arrive in Porto Seguro


Safe Harbor International Airport
Airport Road, s / n, Uptown
Tel: (73) 3288-1880


Road Safe Harbor
BR 367, km 65
Tel: (73) 3288-3650


Since the states in the Southeast or from Salvador, the main access roads are BR 101, to the city of Eunápolis, which is 62 km from Porto Seguro, and from this junction BR 367, which goes to the city limits.

The BR 367 is also the Avenida Beira-Mar on where it comes to beaches Mundaí, Itaperapuã and Mutá in Porto Seguro, and the Red Crown and sheets to the north in the neighboring municipality of Santa Cruz Cabrália.

Make a Suitcase to Porto Seguro

When you travel, the first thing that comes to mind is that both carry clothing and accessories, so stay tuned to our tips and make the bag ideal for holidays in Porto Seguro.

First, do not take much, because in road and airport luggage quota there is usually no more than 20 k.

Try to take the necessary in case, only what is really going to use and remember that Safe Harbor is located on the northeast coast of Brazil, where most of the year if it is very hot, then a preference for fresh clothes like blouses, shorts , bikinis, swimwear, tank tops and flip flops, more for prevention, take a sweater, too, because on account of the sea, the night the city is cooler.

Take a pair of shoes as you walk there on foot lot and also have the option of hiking and walking.
Do not forget the medicine kits, hygiene and personal care products with skin as a repellent and sunscreen, and sunglasses of course, because of the strong sun.

In hand luggage, take your documents, money, phone and camera, plus a change of clothes for any unforeseen event.

And do not forget that in Porto Seguro has many typical crafts, then leave an empty space to bring everything you want.

History of Porto Seguro

Officially, Porto Seguro is the first city that was discovered by Portuguese navigators in the current Brazilian territory. On April 21, 1500, Pedro Alvares Cabral sighted land after leaving the coast of Africa a month earlier. The place was sighted Monte Pascoal, 62 km south of Porto Seguro. The next day, the Portuguese landed on the mainland for the first time in the current Brazilian territory.

On April 24, the expedition anchored in Porto Seguro. In 1530, when trade with the East India weakened and Portugal became interested in the new land discovered, came to take possession of it, land that belonged to her by the Treaty of Tordesillas. Currently, the city has ancient historical monuments.

Visit the historic site of the Upper City is almost a must for the thousands of tourists who arrive in Porto Seguro, a town considered National Monument established by Presidential decree in 1973.

One of the first housing units in Brazil, the city of Porto Seguro, and bear the mark of the discovery, played an important role in the early years of colonization. It is this time that historic buildings can be visited during the day and enjoyed the evening, when under the influence of special lighting.

The historical tour can start by Marco´s discovery, where it opens one of the most beautiful landscapes of the coast of Porto Seguro. The milestone came from Portugal, between 1503 and 1526 and symbolizes the power of the Portuguese Crown, used to demarcate their land. All in-stone, one side is carved the cross of the Order of Avis, and the other, the Coat of arms of Portugal.

In the same area, is the church of Nossa Senhora da Pena, built in 1535 by the donee of the captaincy, Pero do Campo Tourinho. There are kept sacred images of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including that of St. Francis of Assisi, the first image brought to Brazil, and Nossa Senhora da Pena, patroness of the city, which is celebrated on September 8.

Further, the City Hall or Town Hall and Jail, dating from the eighteenth century, one of the most beautiful buildings in colonial Brazil. In this building, the works of the City Museum or Museum of Discovery. The church of Mercy, or of Our Lord, style simple, keep baroque images, highlighting the steps of the Lord and the crucified Christ.

Even amidst the houses listed as a national monument, stands the church of St. Benedict, beside the ruins of the former residence of the Jesuit college. The church was built by the Jesuits in 1551 and was known as St. Peter and Our Lady of the Rosary.

Security of Porto Seguro

Porto Seguro is highlighted in the Brazilian Northeast to be one of the safest and best organized in the infrastructure. The police force is well planned and there is help for tourists near the main sights of Porto Seguro.

More is clear that our collaboration is essential if all goes as planned. So I thought of the trip we´ve created some important items to be followed for their safety can be increased and their journey out Perfect.

First important tip: avoid using money to go to see the places, verify where you are going to accept the use of credit cards and debit cards, if accepted, give preference to the cards and let the money just for emergency.

Upon leaving, avoid walking carrying many valuables like necklace, watches, cameras and cellular machines on hand, because it draws a lot of attention from people, especially who is a resident of the place and know you´re a tourist and do not know anything about the city.

If you quit using public conduct, stay tuned to the times and avoid using them after 22 hours, when the movement is less intense and you run the risk of persecution. Also avoid sitting in the last and first places in the conduct.

More if you prefer to hang out with your own vehicle or that you rent, be careful and pay attention to traffic lights where you stand altar in the evening and runs the risk of being robbed.

And always remember, any kind of suspicion helps in contact hours, the police station or tourist assistance near you.

Useful Phone Numbers of Porto Seguro


Civil Police Station and District Safe Harbor
Address: 58 km highway BR-367 - Phone: (73) 3288-2680 - 147
Hours: call 24 hours

Military Police Department Safe Harbor
Address: 56 km highway BR-367 - Phone: (73) 3288-4311 and 3288-2425 - 190
Hours: call 24 hours

Deam (Police Special Assistance to Women)
Address: Itagibá, 193 - Phone: (73) 3288-1037
Hours: call 24 hours

DELTUR (Tourist Police Protection)
Address: Itagibá, 139 - Phone: (73) 3288-3484
Hours: call 24 hours

Fire Department
Address: Airport Road - Phone: (73) 3288-4723 / 3288-3610 / 193
Hours: call 24 hours


SAMU: 192

Regional Hospital of Porto Seguro
Address: Maiden´s Cove, s / n - Phone: (73) 3288-1369
Hours: call 24 hours


Safe Harbor International Airport
Airport Road, 1500 - City High - Phone: 3288-1880 / 3288-1877

Ferry (Crossing Porto Seguro - Arraial d Ajuda)
Phone: 3288-1799 Nave Rio / Rio Buranhém 3288-2516

Bus Safe Harbor
Address: Airport Road - Upper Town. Tel: (73) 3288-1914
Opening hours: Daily from 05h to 22h.


Telephone and Internet Cafe Tour: 3575-2202

Safe Harbor Trailer
Phone: (73) 3288-1717

ECT-Brazilian Post and Telegraph - Porto Seguro
Itagibá Street, No. 85 - City Centre - Tel: (73) 3288 3117

Address: Jandaia, s / n - Center
Phone: (73) 3288-4785 - Fax: (73) 3288-4785

Address: Pero Vaz de Caminha, No. 400 - Central
Phone: (73) 3288-2636 / 3268-4127 / 0800-555195

Martins Taxi 24hrs
Address: Ferry Square, s / n - Phone: (73) 9976-6682

Taxi Conception Sadilton S
Address: Av Getulio Vargas 319 - Phone: (73) 3268-2738

Road Taxi
Address: Airport Road, s / n lj 5 - Phone: (73) 3288-4570

Moto-Taxi Camberley
Address: Avenue of the Navigators, s / n Center - Phone: (73) 3268-3980

Moto-Taxi Kings Josenilton B
Address: Box Square D Water, 13 - Calixto Friar - Phone: (73) 3268-0816


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