Porto de Galinhas

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The clean and transparent waters allow a charming experience, feeding the fish well, and close to the naked eye.

About Porto de Galinhas

Porto de Galinhas is a famous beach in the state of Pernambuco, properly located in Ipojuca, 70 kilometers from Recife, was elected eight consecutive times the best beach in Brazil.
His fame is due, primarily by pools of calm and clean, with formation of coral reefs, estuaries, mangroves, white sand and palm trees.

But if you also search for surfing waves, do not be discouraged, for Porto de Galinhas reserve areas where the beach is tidal waves where surfers take advantage and play a little with them. No wonder that the beach is one of the Maracaípe main stages of the tournament world of surfing.

Despite the narrow streets and life run slow in Porto de Galinhas, boils the village in summer, when it receives tourists from all parts of Brazil, as well as foreigners from the four corners of the planet.

All come attracted by the natural aquariums, however, were surprised at the wealth of attractions and leisure facilities in the region, as bugui rides, raft or horseback, often framed by coconut palms, white sands and a sea of ​​green nuances now and sometimes blue.

In the center of town, walking is the best way to check closely the crafts produced by locals. They are ceramic chickens, the official icon of the city, embroidery, nets, blankets, among others.
The cuisine also occupies a prominent place, with restaurants that offer dishes based on seafood and regional cuisine as well as sun-dried meat and chicken giblets.

Porto de Galinhas And still have breath to stir after the sun goes down. In bars and nightclubs in travelers, assembled in the region during the summer months, music, loose rolls into the wee hours. All styles have time and forró the electronic order is not to let anyone off.

What to do in Porto de Galinhas

The beach of Porto de Galinhas booking different tours for you, starting with the raft rides on the beautiful natural pools that exist in Pernambuco.

Another very nice tour to do in rafts or boats is the catamaran ride up to the island of St. Alexius, from the beach of sheep, is simply a spectacle to see so many Brazilian beauties gathered.

Port of chickens reserve several beaches, then take a stroll through all of them a raft and cool off in clean water. While you´re there to learn a little more out of life at sea and have the opportunity to see rare animals such as the seahorse Hippocampus Project, based in Serrambi.

The rides are also listed Bugue by high hills of Pernambuco. Another attraction is the very exciting horse ride along the length of the port of chickens, an amazing experience.

Finally, there are many attractions waiting for you on this delicious Brazilian wealth.

When to Go to Porto de Galinhas

Because they were in the Northeast of Brazil, place less conducive to rain and cold season, the port of Chickens attracts tourists year-round, seeking rest and adventure.

Between September and April, prices are somewhat higher on the increase of tourism in these times of the year.

During Carnival, the northeast port becomes party and chickens receives many tourists, especially foreigners who come to Brazil to celebrate the biggest party of carnival in the world.

For those who seek to save, the period of low season is between May and August, when the rain showers are intense and prices fall sharply.

Most still do not reduce the temperatures that attracts many tourists who seek a pleasant trip with a better price.

How to arrive in Porto de Galinhas


The nearest airport is in Recife, 70 kilometers


Coming from North or Recife: access by BR-101 (towards the south coast, to Cape St. Augustine), PE-060 (up Ipojuca), PE-038 (to Our Lady of O) and PE-009
From the South: access by BR-101 (towards the North Coast, to the municipality of Escada), PE-060 (up Ipojuca), PE-038 (to Our Lady of O) and PE-009


Cruise Traffic
Phone: 0800-81-2662

Makes the line-Recife Porto de Galinhas. There are boarding point to near the airport of Recife

Make a Suitcase to Porto de Galinhas

As everyone knows, Porto de Galinhas has a tropical climate, with very few cold days in the year, so follow some tips to take only the necessary and make a perfect trip.

In choosing what clothes to take remember that you will not need a different model parading a day, then take basic costume changes, mainly because of being on the beach, where you would usually walk in a bikini all the time.

Take versatile clothes that can be worn for day or night. Avoid prints, because they are more difficult to combine. Trump are the parts that can be combined in various ways, such as black and white clothing jeans and blouses.

The great contribution of modern industry are the tissues that little or wrinkle or crumple, as knits and microfiber, which is a great option for travel, since it is difficult to find a place to go clothes.

Now, pack your suitcase learn easily and practice:

First, at the bottom are the shoes, properly packed in bags not to stain your clothes. Above the shoes will pants. For they did not love too much, put the legs out of the bag and fold only after you have placed all the other things. Never bend more than twice.

Then put coats turned inside out, with the sleeves tucked in and only once, in half. Now is the time of skirts and dresses, also upside down and with only one fold.

The shirts and blouses will rolled on skirts and dresses. In addition to conserving the quality of clothing, space saving.

Remember that Porto de Galinhas is a historic town that offers many handicrafts and typical products, then the more free space in the suitcase for the better, so that you can bring everything you want.

For the dirty clothes, lightweight plastic bags so they do not mix with those that are still clean.

History of Porto de Galinhas

n the fifteenth century, in full discovery of Brazil, Porto de Galinhas was inhabited by Indians Caetés where predominant trafficking of Brazil wood. Thereafter, until the late sixteenth century, the place was abandoned because the Indians did not leave out the sugar timber or place, but returned in the eighteenth century with the arrival of slaves illegal.

One of the first areas occupied by the Portuguese of Brazil, Pernambuco has become a major producer of sugar and for many years was responsible for more than half of Brazilian exports. This new wealth has attracted European settlers who built the state one of the richest architectural heritage of America Colonial.

Previously, Porto de Galinhas was called Puerto Rico, due to the extraction of Pau Brazil. When the slaves came to be sold, smuggled, were hidden under crates of chickens d´Angola. The arrival of slaves in the sea was announced by password ´Chicken has new `in Porto. Because of this, Porto won the name of Porto de Galinhas.

Security of Porto de Galinhas

Like every city in Brazil, Porto de Galinhas also has strong policing and security, especially because one of the most sought after tourist cities in the tours in Brazil.

More work is needed on our part to have a more peaceful and unforgettable trip, so I thought the trip we´ll stop here for some tips that you can have a safe trip.

First, avoid walking with accessories and electronics visible, it attracts thieves and makes you an easy target for theft and robbery.

Give preference to the use of credit cards, besides being easier to carry out prevents you from carrying cash values, which are easier to be stolen. The credit card of you more security in case of theft, it can be locked and keeps your goods are stolen.

By carrying out photographic machines and cell phones, make sure to take a bag and always carry purses and bags in front of you.

When going out at night, avoid using public transport, especially after 22 hours, which has little movement and facilitates the action of robbers. Take care also to leave with your own vehicle at least busy intersections and traffic lights.

And most importantly, in case of suspected or actions of thieves, immediately contact the police or security station near you.

Useful Phone Numbers of Porto de Galinhas

Guararapes International Airport - (81) 3464.4188
Tourism Board (Port of Chickens) - (81) 3552.1480 / 1980
Tourist Police (Recife) - (81) 3322.4667;
Telephone exchange - (Port of Chickens) (81) 3552.1278;
Telephone exchange - (Ipojuca) (81) 3551.1114 / 3551.1192;
Health Post - (81) 3552.1574;
Road Recife - (81) 3452.1999;
Hospital Ipojuca (81) 3551.1195;
Military Police - (81) 3552.1190 / 3552.1658/3552.1846;
Highway Patrol - (81) 3303.6600;
Prefecture Ipojuca - (81) 3552.1147.


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