Pools Paripueira

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The pools surrounded Paripueira keep a lot of fish
The pools Paripueira enchant all who come and visit the place. There are several items preserved fauna and flora not seen elsewhere. Paripueira City Park is home to the Marine Preservation Manatee, an endangered animal in Brazil.

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Paripueira is a municipality that is part of the Metropolitan Region of Maceio and is 33 kilometers from downtown Maceio.

A city tour in which he has as its main attraction the beautiful natural pools, such as the Green Dream Beach, noted for its beauty and its infrastructure.

The pools Natural Paripueira are 2.5 km from the coast and are less crowded than those of Pajuçara, ensuring even clearer waters and a larger number of fish.

The tour is done in boats, for about two hours and includes snorkeling.

It is in this corner ecological retreats manatees, endangered species, protected by the Municipal Park here for the Preservation of Marine Manatee, unique in Latin America.


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