Pontal de Serrambi

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The coral reefs and stand in water when the tide is low and leaves the beach with a more beautiful.
The Depth of Serrambi is one of the most charming of Pernambuco. From the top of Pontefract you can see, the north beach and south to Serrambi beach Cacimbas of highlights. If you pay attention to the far south, you can also see the island of St. Alexius. In Depth you can meet many lovely coral.

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The Depth of Serrambi attracts tourists seeking a variety of diverse attractions. It offers beautiful and giant waves that attract surfers in search of adventure.

For those who enjoy diving the Point is surrounded by coral and reefs, and along with clean and transparent waters allow an enchanting experience to dive among the diversity of fish and corals know several closely.

From there you can see the island of St. Alexius. In the South Coast, the place is one of the preservation of nature. This is because in the sands of Depth of sea turtle nesting occurs.

The Pontal divides two beaches with different characteristics: the North is Serrambi beach with calm waters, as is the South Beach Cacimbas that has rough waters.

For those who want to walk the night, the molded depth is much more quiet not many bars and restaurants ready to welcome tourists, then it is followed towards Ipojuca.


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