Ponta Negra Beach

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One by lovely sunsets
Ponta Negra is the starting point to venture into the north of Brazil. The beach is a bay, the extent and nature reserves. It is ideal for those seeking rest, and for those who enjoy adventure, fun, s what is not lacking. The Bald Hill is the point that stands out in Ponta Negra and attracts tourists by the practice of skibunda.

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With 4 km long, the beach of Ponta Negra is considered practically a Bay. Sixteen years ago the Black Bridge was a secluded place, where families Natal wealthy kept their summer houses in front of the best beach in the region, plus it only to inns, hotels and good restaurants begin to surround the beach.

Ponta Negra in the movement of tourists is as constant as the breeze from the sea. No matter the season, there will always be people walking in the sand and enjoying the beauty that offers the Northeast.

More fame of Ponta Negra is not only known in Brazil. Many foreigners have made the place one of his favorite sights in the country so that they spend weeks powder there, distracted and alternating between bathing and swimming.

Even the nightlife Christmas moved to Ponta Negra. In the famous streets of the city are bars with outdoor table and live music or if you prefer, dance halls with traditional forrós foot-hills. There are also ballads for those who enjoy a more lively evening, with electronic music.


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