Ponta do Mel Beach

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In the background, the beautiful cliffs of Ponta do Mel
The city is home to the White Sand beach of Ponta do Mel, a reservoir of charm and beauty, among which the Dunes of Rosado, the second largest group of dunes of Brazil, a show that delights tourists and residents of the village that has been the scene Brazilian films as Mary, mother of the son of God.

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Ponta do Mel is a village and a beach located in the Brazilian city of Areia Branca in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. It is the only place in the interior where it meets the sea.

An extensive bay, blue sea, dunes on the outskirts, jangadinhas throwing himself into the sea and many shells in the sand untouched. Silence broken only by the sound of the waves and swaying coconut either with the wind.

There are 350 km away from Natal, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, reaching tip of Mel is daunting in the midst of such distance, if you have more opportunity to face the road and go as Ponta do Mel noes compares to no longer seen, is like a paradise still undiscovered.

Besides the beach semivirgin nearby, more precisely, 5 km from the village, are the spectacular Dunes Rosado, the second largest number of mobile dunes of Brazil, second only to the traditional sheets of Maranhão. The desert sand stretches almost 20 km, following the beach. The scenario was used to record the films "Mary, Mother of the Son of God" and "Brothers of the Faith."

The place marks the meeting of the hinterland with the sea. Cacti are sometimes restinga vegetation. Goats and donkeys roam freely on the beach, overflown by Falcon.

The tip of honey is named inside the white coast, coast or salt. From the beach you can see the ships that carry salt from the ports of white sand and Macao harbor island.


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