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Pitangueiras is the first beach to be seen, whether you arrive by ferry or by road, it is located in the downtown area, whose district also has the name of the beach and divides the coast of the municipality beaches both north and south.

Good for bathing, urbanized, with long buildings across its coastline. It is one of the beaches with the highest concentration of tourists, has a preferred area for surfing, next to the Morro do Maluf, whose correct name is Morro da Campina and well in the center a small island inhabited by vultures and crabs, called Pombeva.

Pitangueiras located on the boardwalk is also where are the restaurants, bars and Shopping La Plage. In the extreme west of the beach is the Building Over the Waves, built so close to the sea when the tide is high, the water gets to tap into its base.

This beach was once known as the Orange Beach, because there was a culture of oranges owned by Maria Malta, with the passage of time have been replaced by the orange cherry feet, hence the name Pitangueiras.

Pitangueiras which is also the name of the neighborhood, home to the Rio de Janeiro Street, a street closed to vehicular traffic, getting exclusive use of pedestrians who frequent the many bars that exist there.


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