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About Pirenópolis

Birthplace of double sertaneja Zeze Di Camargo & Luciano and setting of the film that tells the story of the musicians, the small Pirenópolis is famous for the preserved colonial architecture and the unpretentious little churches scattered hills and cobblestone streets.

Nearby, the city hides ecological reserves filled with waterfalls perfect for swimming or practicing activities such as abseiling.

It also has hiking trails that lead to natural viewpoints of the Pyrenees Mountain, rivers for rafting and float-cross and historic farms, like Babylon, who keep memories and recollections of the 18th century.

With good infrastructure and hosting services, Pirenópolis is constant movement on the weekends. But the city is crowded, anyway, is in celebration of the Feast of the Divine, considered one of the most beautiful folklore of Brazil.

Three-day event, being the Cavalhada the highlight of the festival - this is a scenario where the knights revive medieval battles involving Christians and Moors. The feast day is mobile and happens 45 days after Easter.


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