Pirangi Beach

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The pools of clean water Pirangi make stunning views
Pirangi unites two incredibly beautiful beaches, Pirangi North and South Pirangi, and both are very famous tourist attractions such as the world´s largest cashew tree, which is in the center of Pirangi. In addition, tourists seek the waters of Pirangi for diving because it has pools of calm and clear waters.

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Pirangi unites two great beaches, Pirangi the north and south Pirangi. In South Beach Pirangi, the stronger is the realization of dives, to preserve the natural pools of the most beautiful Christmas. Surrounded by reefs, the beach is quiet, and being much less urbanized attracts tourists a better preserve the natural beauty.

At low tide, the coral reefs form natural pools and islands offshore, providing a wonderful spectacle of nature, which is visited by boats and ships.
From the cliffs you can have an unforgettable evening in front of a sunset, sun charms and allows travel in the midst of such beauty.

Pirangi Beach North is the opposite of Pirangi South Located in the city of Parnamirim which is twelve miles south of Natal, it has a larger infrastructure and more developed than South Pirangi, it attracts mostly young people and adolescents Natal´s middle class to be a busy beach and the best bars and nightclubs.

Pirangi North is also known for being the city with the largest cashew tree in the world. Also known as cashew Pirangi, the tree covers an area of ​​approximately 8500 m², with a perimeter of approximately 500 m, producing about 70 to 80 000 in the cashew crop, equivalent to 2.5 tons. The cashew tree have been planted in 1888 by Luis Inácio de Oliveira, a fisherman in the region known Natal. Luis Inacio died at the age of 93 under the shadow of the tree.

It Pirangi North leaving the boat trips to pools, beaches going further South Pirangi, Buzios and Elbow, with stops for snorkeling.

The night is quiet in Pirangi, bars and restaurants are very busy, more for being a good family beach, everything is very calm and pleasant.


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