Pipa Beach

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Boats and sails complete the enchanting scenery of Pipa
The Pipa is ideal for those seeking the natural beauties of Brazil and marvel at wonderful landscapes. Considered the main resort in the North, the beach and a lovely book cliffs clean sea, the main setting for illustrious visitors of dolphins and turtles. She is also sought for sports such as kite surfing.

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Located in Tibau do Sul, is 85 km from Natal, Pipa Beach is the main resort in the North Coast of the state, which includes beaches like Ponta do Madeiro and Love Beach.

Place of great magic, the beach of Pipa attracts many tourists because it is incredibly beautiful and historic place, to be safe harbor for pirates who came in search of pau Brazil.

Surrounded by towering cliffs still covered by Atlantic Forest, with a wonderful warm sea, frequented by dolphins and turtles, Pipa will enchant you.

For those who also like the night, Pipa hallucinates with beautiful people, nightclubs with reggae and forro, capoeira, a varied trade with shops and restaurants with international quality.

Pipa is known for attracting many surfers because of its waves, and has recently been
also sought for kite surfers, thanks to the combination of beautiful waves and strong winds.

The name "kite" is due to the fact that the Portuguese ship passing nearby spotted by a stone resembling a shape of a kite. Pipa, Portugal, the name is more usual for a barrel of wine or oil, so the stone reminded.


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