Pepino beach

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A breathtaking view, it is worth visiting this place
The Pepino beach is the continuation of São Conrado Beach, attracts many tourists mainly by practice of hang-gliding flights. Other sports such as climbing, surfing and paddle in the sand are also very attractive for tourists. The beach cucumber is ideal for those looking to travel further socegada and beautiful views.

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Praia do Pepino is a continuation of São Conrado beach, a quiet and pleasant to spend time away from trouble. One of the most distinctive natural features of Rio de Janeiro is the proximity between the sea and mountains.

In some places, this contrast becomes so confusing that can be contemplated as an endless spectacle is what happens with the "Pepino beach" section of the São Conrado beach located at the end of Avenida Niemeyer, next to the Gávea .

The harmony of this set, which combines the linearity of a soft white sand beach and blue sea with the sudden volume of a hill 842 meters high, the site has attracted not only those who seek less crowded beaches as well as practitioners of those sports more directly related to nature.

Every sunny morning, dozens of young venture to the top of Pedra Bonita, one of the components of the Tijuca neighborhood, where they throw themselves in space, flying over the lush landscape, coloring the air with the bright colors of emotion, and down gently on the sandy beach.

The smooth walls of the slope, in turn, are a challenge for the climbers who go there to exercise, while the waves which break on the shore invites surfing.

Around the Pepino beach are luxurious hotels, ordered by those tourists who wish to be close to nature without this having to get away from the amenities of urban centers.


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