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About Penedo

Penedo is a district municipality and the Ecological Park of Itatiaia, located in the southern state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Finnish is the main colony, if not only, of Brazil, which still shows the striking architecture of homes and commercial buildings as well as the local culture.

His quiet holiday, yet its climate is mild, your generous fauna and topography make Penedo an oasis in the midst of growth and occupation of the region. The city is bordered by the Viscount of Maua district, in the municipality of Resende.

In the setting of the village is the house of Santa, chocolate factories and many pines. But we are not referring to any destination, but the friendly Nordic district Penedo at the foot of the Serra da Mantiqueira.

Settled by Finns in the 20s, the region still retains the customs and culture of its founders with the right to vigorous cuisine - who here has won the company of trout - and wooden buildings surrounded by gardens and stylish dances of Finland put everyone to dance.

Sought by couples, Penedo offers charming accommodation options, diverse restaurants and craft shops to work on the loom. Families also have fun at the destination. The Shopping Small Finland, in addition to shops and food court, home to the summer home of Santa Claus.

The Good Old Man welcomes children of all ages and also in his cottage in the toy factory, where they are produced Christmas presents. Before or after the visit, indulge in the homemade ice cream or with the Finnish chocolates and pastries is chore.

The nature that frames the district is also part of the attractions. Trails through the pines and pines are operated from horseback riding and hiking to unveil over the paths, waterfalls and water clean.


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