Passarela do Alcool

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The walkway Alcohol surrounded by several tables for dining
The walkway Alcohol holds many good things for you. First, is there that concentrate the best restaurants in the region of Porto Seguro, the second because there are a variety of souvenir shops selling all sorts peculiarities Baianas for you. It is worth knowing.

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The Alcohol Catwalk, in the city center, is a cross between a mall area with Bohemia, bringing together several different types of tourists and become a meeting point for pre-night.

There are craft and souvenir shops, boutiques, bars and restaurants that make a company beats tents at dusk.

It is the best place to sample the culinary delights typical Bahian and also to the base of seafood.

At the very end of the runway, the dish known as ´The Alley`, are concentrated the most welcoming bars and restaurants and quiet area.

At night the walkway Alcohol comes to life amid so many stalls, crafts and street parties that bars and restaurants offer their customers.

The time of year that attracts tourists to the Alcohol Catwalk is the carnival, when they happen several shows and electric trios drawing tourists to the boil.


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