Park Villa Lobos

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The Villa Park Logos is filled with benches and kiosks to rest and watch your children have fun on the slopes
The Villa Park wolves is one of the parks most sought after and highly regarded in St. Paul, by possessing ample space for walks and several different areas of laser. In the park you will find Villa Lobos wide bands of paving that allow the practice of cycling and skating. The kiosks also allow you to lunch with the family.

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Opened in late 1994, Villa Lobos park was originally designed to be a musical oasis - a tribute to the composer Heitor Villa-Lobos, but today is popular for hiking, mountain bikes and a haven for skaters. One of its attractions is the free space, largely paved, suitable for racing bicycles. The Cooper and biking trails are well paved and flat, facilitating access and mobility for everyone, including people with strollers and people in wheelchairs.

The Park Villa Lobos has 732,000 square meters of green area, bike path, playground, island music for shows and concerts and Grove Atlantic. The recreation area also includes apparatus for gymnastics, basketball hoops, 3 blocks to soccer, seven for tennis, and poly sports courts, four soccer fields, 2.4 km of trails for hiking, 3.5 miles bike path. An amphitheater of 729 m², with 450 seats, toilets adapted for disabled people, cafeteria and 750 parking spaces.

The park also promotes musical events, especially instrumental groups like orchestras and crying. Complex Tennis Villa-Lobos Park is home to the international tournament in Sao Paulo Open.
In December 2010, opened the Orchid Ruth Cardoso, a fantastic place worth visiting.

The estimated audience is approximately 3000 people a day on weekdays and about 25,000 on weekends.

On weekends and holidays, you can also see exotic kites in the skies of the park, including giant kites, octopus, hang-gliders and Parafoils. The park prohibits the use of wax on the line (cutting), increasing the fun and safety.

The park security is aided by the Military Police and ma outsourced team complements the local security.

The Villa-Lobos Park is open every day - including weekends, and holidays - from 6 to 18h. In the summer time until 19h.


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