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The city of Parati ocean view, charming and conveys the history of Brazil clearly to those who arrive on site

About Parati

A small, quiet town, as if frozen in time, this is how you define Parati, a town on the west coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, distant 258 km from the capital, Rio de Janeiro.

In 1667, Parati political emancipation was decreed by the king of Portugal, became an independent village of Angra dos Reis. Along the ocean, between two rivers, Parati is an average elevation of only five meters.

Today is the center of town with a 930.7 km ² with a population of 33,062 inhabitants.

The city was during the Brazilian colonial period, the headquarters of the most important port for exporting gold from Brazil. Because it is located almost at sea level, the city has been designed taking into account the flow of the tides.

As a result, many of its streets are periodically flooded by high tide, which earned him the title "Venice of Brazil".

In the historic center of Parati, the frame is made up of preserved colonial mansions, churches of the 18th and 19th centuries and streets paved by slaves in stone boy feet where automobile traffic is prohibited.

But just cycle through the streets to give a pulse of the city, charming, with people, accents and flavors from around the world, combining tradition and modernity.

The scenario used in religious festivals such as the Divine, which is the same class play the Carnival fans branquinha degustam drink Cachaça Festival badalam and intellectuals during the busy International Literary Festival, the Flip.

The city´s name comes from the Tupi homonym meaning "white fish", referring to a kind of mullet, Mugil a curema, which abounds in the region. Over the years, the spelling would have changed to Paraty Pira´ty and finally Parati.

What to do in Parati

Business travelers will Paraty has a huge diversity of sightseeing and cultural attractions to make the trip. Know every corner of this beautiful city and learn a little more about the history of the country

For starters, the most charming city is its historic center, which allows incredible discoveries and preserved colonial scenarios that make us imagine how the city was during the discovery of Brazil.

Even in these parts, make sure you know the Space Theater, which presents the weekly Puppet Theater, an enchanting spectacle of the group counters Stories give life to cloth dolls and foam.

The Church of Saint Rita dos Pardos Freed is also one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. One of the most famous postcards of Paraty, the church and the oldest city and was built in 1722, facing the sea. The construction of stone and lime on its facade portrays the sumptuous Baroque style, with neat finishes in stone and wood.

Starting to kill more without leaving the story of Paraty, we found the golden path, a road pavement in feet by slave boy between the ages 18 and 19, in the Atlantic Forest, which is still well preserved.

Called Gold Trail being the crossing linking Minas to Rio during the cycle of metal, the road calls attention not only because of historical importance, but the natural and cultural riches that surround it.

You´re in the mood to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Paraty, so be sure to visit Long Island, one of the most beautiful coastal Carioca. In itself, there is a beach, it has no stretch of sand, more like a giant aquarium and crystalline waters.

More if you want to indulge in a wide strip of beach with sand so know Praia da Lula, who has white sands and sea calming down of crystalline waters. Good for swimming, the beach is the corner stone suitable for snorkeling.

Another lovely place is the Mamanguá bag, which is only accessible by boat ride. The preserved forest, mangroves, the waterfall and rock formations make the unspoiled landscape protection area and one of the most admired region. The boat departs from Paraty Mirim, and before reaching the bottom of the bag, discover an arm of the sea five miles that forms a fjord - one of the country.

The waterfalls are beautiful and well worth visiting. Considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Paraty, Pedra Branca consists of two falls that end in pools surrounded by rocks. Good for swimming, it attracts many tourists. The area holds the ruins of an old power plant and has infrastructure bar.

There are many other lovely places in Parati which is well worth be occupied, so during your trip, do not waste time, visit as many places as you can, you will not regret it.

When to Go to Parati

To enjoy the beaches and waterfalls, the best time is summer, but the rainfall is greater. In other seasons, there is less rain and not too cold, not to mention that prices are lower and movement daily - except on holidays.

For anyone who makes a point of a movement, the best time to visit the city is during the International Literary Festival named Flip, what happens between the months of July and August. Book a room and buy tickets for the lectures in advance is critical.

Fans of bright white can unite business with pleasure by scheduling the trip for the last weekend of August when the festival rolls of Cachaça, which combines the best of Alembic droplets in the region.

In Holy Week Parati also be beautiful and charming. For Catholics, one week is impressive, and the churches of Parati do not want to leave and make beautiful presentations of the passion of Christ and Easter Sunday.

Another very famous religious festival in the region is the Feast of the Divine, a perfect combination of symbols, colors and music, which attracts thousands of visitors in the off season. The celebrations take place 50 days after Easter, usually at the end of May or early June.

The tradition, coming from the Portuguese islands of Azores and Madeira in the 18th century, has animated programming: on Saturday, a band shakes the streets while collecting donations that will be distributed to the devotees. On Sunday, a great procession goes through the Historical Center to the Church.

How to arrive in Parati


Airport in Angra dos Reis
Tel: (24) 3365-4073

Santos Dumont Airport - Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 3814-7070

International Airport of Rio de Janeiro
Tel: (21) 3398-5050 / 3398-4526/3398-4527


Tel: 0300-789-2121

Tel: 0800-57-5700 and 4002-5700

TRIP Linhas Aereas
Tel: 0300-789-8747

Team Airlines
Tel: (21) 3814-7510


From São Paulo, capital (6 hours drive) and inside there is daily bus at different times.

Traffic Reunidas (capital)
Tel: (11) 6221-8811

Gathered Paulista (interior)
Tel: 0300-210-3000

Of Belo Horizonte, we must go to Angra dos Reis.

Useful Transportation
Tel: (21) 3907-9000

Angra dos Reis (1 hour and half ride) buses leave at 4:40 a.m., 5:40 a.m., and thereafter every 30 minutes until 22.30.

Traffic Colitur
Tel: (24) 3371-1224 / 3371-1238


Bus Angra dos Reis
Tel: (24) 3365-2041

Bus Terminal Novo Rio (Rio de Janeiro)
Tel: (21) 3213-1800

Bus Paraty
Address: Jango Padua, s / n
Tel: (24) 3371-1224


From Rio de Janeiro, access the BR-101 (Rio-Santos). Coming from St. Paul, accessible from Highway Ayrton Senna and from it there are three paths: following the Mogi-Bertioga to BR-101 (Rio-Santos), totaling 338 km, followed by Carvalho Pinto Highway, then take Route Tamoios to the BR-101, totaling 285 km, or followed by Carvalho Pinto Highway Taubaté up and take the Osvaldo Cruz to the BR-101, totaling 293 km.

Make a Suitcase to Parati

As everyone knows, Parati is located on the coast of Rio de Janeiro, where the dominant feature is the excess heat and beaches and waterfalls, so the first thing to think about is the clothes that go inside the suitcase.

Well, thinking about it, we have some tips for you to perfectly organize your suitcase when planning your trip.

Well, it´s coastline, most of the year if it is hot, so pack light and fresh clothes like blouses straps, comfortable shorts and sandals. Remember that if you choose to practice walk is required to bring a pair of shoes, most recommended for trails.

Do not forget the pair of bikinis, bathing suits and swimwear to rock on the beach. The yokes are also always in high summer and make the ride even more stylish travel during the season.
The makeup box can not miss, so take everything you need to get even more beautiful for walks at night during your stay in Parati. The accessories also can not stay out, then take earrings, watches, necklaces and bracelets to produce and tear.

The emergency kit is another important item on any trip, so be sure to always carry with you painkillers, bandages and ointments for any type of accident.

The products for skin care and hair are also essential, so take your shampoo, conditioner, insect repellent, body cream, perfume and famous sunscreen, sunbathing quietly making sure that the skin does not suffer consequences.

For evening strolls, take a more social set of clothes, like dresses, high heels, a polo shirt and jeans and cool.

As for electronics, find out in advance the voltage of electricity, if it is opposed to their devices and they are not bivolts, lightweight power adapter.
Of course, we can not forget the camera to record every second of fun and joy during your trip.

In making the case, watch out for baggage and the maximum weight accepted by the road and airports, to avoid the risk of paying a fortune for excess baggage.

Plan well and have an unforgettable trip.

History of Parati

Beautiful colonial city, considered National Historic Landmark, preserves until today its countless natural and architectural charms.

Stroll the Historic Center of Paraty is entering another time, where walking is slow due to stones "boy feet" of its streets.

The construction of their houses and churches reflect a period style and the mysterious Masonic symbols that adorn its walls lead us to imagine how life would be in Brazil of yesteryear. The prohibition of car traffic in the Centre contributes to this trip for the "time tunnel".

The city was founded in 1667 around the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, his patron. Had great economic importance due to the mills cane sugar (had over 250), is considered synonymous with good spirits.

In the eighteenth century stood out as an important port through which it flowed from Minas Gerais, the gold and precious stones that embarked for Portugal. However, constant pirate assaults who took refuge in beaches such as Trindade, led to the gold route was changed, leading to a big city to economic isolation.

After the opening of the Paraty-Cunha road, and especially after the construction of the Rio-Santos Highway in the 70s, Paraty becomes a pole of national and international tourism, due to its good state of preservation and thanks to its natural beauty .

In your area are the National Park of Serra da Bocaina, the Environmental Protection Area of the Cairuçu, where the town of Trinity, the Reserve Joatinga, and also borders the State Park of Serra do Mar. In other words , the Atlantic forest is everywhere.

Security of Parati

The State of Rio de Janeiro, although one of the most violent in the country, has been increasingly investing in security, due to the many sights of Rio. Thinking about it, has been further strengthening the security and commitment to the tourists in Paraty, so that the trips are always memorable.

As much as the city is safe and well patrolled, we need awareness and do our part also to collaborate and make the trip even more perfect. So, here are some tips for you to follow and be quiet during the tours.

First, look for whether the shops and restaurants in the region working with gizmos and credit card debt and what the flags available. The card usage hinders the action of bandits and is safer than leaving money in your pocket.

When you come out with bags and backpacks, carry them always in front, to not have lightning storm danger of suffering. Carry accessories always kept in her purse, like machines, phones and other valuables.

Avoid walking alone in places that you do not know from 22hrs. If you are driving, avoid waiting at traffic lights late at night, look closely, carefully and go through, especially if the streets are deserted, the lights are commonplace for robbery.

If you are already using public transport such as trains, subways and buses, also avoid walking after 22 hours and the first and last seats or carriages.

Stay tuned and if you experience something, immediately contact the police station nearest to you. Follow our instructions and have a peaceful trip and unforgettable.

Useful Phone Numbers of Parati

Fire - 193
CERJ - 196
Military Police - 190
Airport - 3371 - 0036
Water and Wastewater - 3371 - 1125
City Hall - 3371 - 1424
Notary Public - 3371 - 2310
Tourist Information Center - 3371 - 1222
Health Center - 3371 - 2949
Civil Defense - 199 or 3371-1168
Police Station - 3371 - 1252
Forum - 3371 - 1184
Guard - 3371 - 1636
OAB - 3371 - 2900
Federal Highway Police - 3371 - 2330
City Hall - 3371 - 9900
Santa House - Hospital - 3371 - 1623


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