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It feels delicious fly outdoors and see all that beauty from above
Flying a paraglider is a charming and unique experience, allowing you to venture into a walk outside and see all what Camboriú reservations for your trip. Remember that the flight is monitoring and assisting professional communicators.

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The flight of paragliding is one of the most popular sports by visiting the Thermal Camboriu, to be an incredible adventure and for many, a unique experience.

Paragliding is a structure made ​​of special fabric that, when inflated, forms a wing and can fly like gliders, being able to stay long periods and skimming over great distances. Has performance arriving at a speed of 60km / h.

To accomplish the flight Paragliding, it is advisable to always wear comfortable shoes and protect your feet well, do not forget that, to fly, you will need to run a little and it gives preference to the use of shoes or a reinforced that protects the ankle bootie.

Typically, flights are made up of instructors, who assist maneuvers and provide greater security for you.


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