Pajuçara Beach

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The beach Pajuçara stands for natural resources that surround it among the buildings developed by man
The Beach Pajuçara Maceió is another point that is well worth knowing. Pajuçara and one of the most popular neighborhoods from Maceio, has many beauties and preserved by law, which were never found anywhere. There you can bathe in the waters cleaner and more transparent in Northeast Brazil

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Pajuçara is one of the most famous neighborhoods of Maceió, by having one of the most famous beaches of Brazil, Beach Pajuçara.

Pajuçara is very busy and sought after by families with children, for their calm waters. But she also attracts divers, due to their protected waters.

From there, leave the rustic rafts that lead to pools of Pajuçara, two kilometers from the coast.

Among the attractions, besides the fish, accordionists and singers who promote a lively forró amid the coral.

The beach also offers several tents, showers, bike path and trail Cooper.

In addition, the beach has Pajuçara wide choice of cuisine and entertainment. At the coast, the beach is considered a part where they are located upper middle class residents, and sometimes other parts of the world.


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