Outeiro Church

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The Church of the hill has a baroque architecture and is preserved symbol of beauty of Pernambuco
The church´s Knoll, better known as the Church of Our Lady Knolls is an icon in Ipojuca and is 137 meters above sea level. From there you can have a privileged view of some beaches as the island of St. Alexius. The church of the Knolls was built by Portuguese in the seventeenth century and is still preserved with the original architecture.

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The Church of the Knoll or Knolls Church of Our Lady, as is known in the region of Ipojuca, was built in sec. XVII by the Portuguese, along with the small cemetery that is on your side.

The word Knoll is the name of the highest point in a given location, since the Church of the Knoll is 137 meters above sea level. From the top of the Church we have a privileged view of Porto de Galinhas, Maracaípe and the Isle of St. Alexius.

Although little known to anyone who goes to Porto de Galinhas, the site displays one of the most beautiful scenery in the region, with a view that runs from Cape St. Augustine to Cape St. Alexius.

The trail access via Maracaípe has more than 300 years of history and was used for the slave trade and the movement of goods in the colonial period.

In 2000 the Church of Knoll became part of the PRNP - Private Reserve of Natural Heritage and is now run by Franciscan priests, whose coordinator Fr Synesius Allen.


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