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Castelo da Cinderela no Disney Magic Kingdom Park
Orlando is a land of magic, with many theme parks and many attractions for the whole family. The city receives over two million visitors a year and has a large hotel infrastructure.

About Orlando

Founded in 1873 and incorporated in 1875, Orlando is a charming city of the U.S. state of Florida. Currently, she is considered the fifth largest city in Florida, with a metropolitan area that exceeds 2 million.

Famous for its tourist attractions such as Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando, Orlando receives about 2 million tourists per year and the 38th most visited city in the world. This act makes it an immense infrastructure of hotels, cars and guides to meet this demand.

Besides being a tourist hub, Orlando is also a financial center, currently undergoing a phase of intense growth, with several expansion projects underway.

It is also considered for eight consecutive years leading care and research in health, the Florida Hospital. The city also has the second largest university in the state of Florida, the University of Central Florida and a major league team in American basketball, the NBA (Orlando Magic).

Orlando is known to be a point "strategic" for those going to Disney World, about 35 miles away. It is possible to stay at Disney World, but the hotels are more expensive. There are more choices and better prices in Orlando and easy transportation to the park.

The city took advantage of its natural environment with lakes, beautiful palm trees and tropical plants. One of the most beautiful is Lake Eola, with a fountain in the center. One of the interesting places of Orlando´s Church Street Station, a region recovered and is now one of the attractions of the city, with its lively bars and restaurants.

The recent history of Orlando has a kind of fairy tale: a king, interested in expanding their domains, saw potential in a swampy area and unexplored. The king, in the case, Walter Elias Disney was desired and the kingdom, a little known piece of Florida.

Using names of fictitious companies, Mr. Disney arrematava the flooded land in Orlando for rock bottom prices. There, he intended to build the most ambitious of his projects, the largest entertainment center in the East Coast. It worked - and the idea ended up attracting other megaempreendimentos.

Today, the city has seven of the 20 largest theme parks in the world, receives more than 51 million visitors annually, with 47.7 million Americans and 3.6 million foreigners and is the most visited destination for Brazilians in the United States. The population of Greater Orlando, comprising the counties of Orange, Osceola and Seminole, is in the range of 1.8 million inhabitants, many of them immigrants.

What to do in Orlando

No matter if the trip will be on family, friends or alone, you will find many things to do in Orlando. The city offers unique experiences and ensures an unforgettable holiday for all visitors.

Well, for starters, let´s talk about Walt Disney World, the largest theme parks in the world. In total, the park has six different parks, 4 and 2 aquatic theme.

The Magic Kingdom Theme Park, one of four theme parks, captures the enchantment of fairy tales with exciting entertainment, classic attractions, backstage tours and beloved Disney Characters.

Already the Epcot theme park stretches across 300 acres-twice the size of Magic Kingdom Theme Park - and is divided into Future World and World Showcase.

The theme park Disney Studios Hollywood offers a glimpse behind the scenes of Hollywood-style action with live shows, thrilling attractions, backstage tours and special events that only happen in this Disney Park dedicated to entertainment.

The theme park Disney´s Animal Kingdom is full of attractions, adventures and entertainment that reflect Walt Disney´s dedication to nature conservation, and in doing so, the leading education and research park on the way to care for the animals.

The Water Park Disney s Blizzard Beach has one of the tallest and fastest free fall waterslide in the world, as well as slides and rides for the whole family - as a play area with smaller versions of the most exciting attractions in the size of children.

It´s easy to be quiet while having fun in the sun at the water park Blizzard Beach Disney! Although the park looks like a ski resort complete with a cold chairlift, is really an action full of wonders of thrilling water slides and attractions for the whole family.

The Water Park Disney´s Typhoon Lagoon has attractions for the whole family - from fast waterslides to a special area for children with mini rapids for rafting.

Surfing waves up to 6 feet in the wave pool and do snorkeling on the reef sharks - with real sharks! Escape to a tropical paradise where you´ll find a flurry of fun in the sun.

Disney´s Typhoon Lagoon is the ideal place for explorers of the high emotions aquatic of all ages. Besides the super slides, you´ll love the Lazy River, wave pool and playground for children.

You can also take the opportunity to shop in Orlando. As most already know, Orlando is a shopper´s paradise. Since some of the best department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales, until one of the largest outlets of the southeastern United States, shopping in Orlando have to offer something for every budget.

Visitors looking for unique boutiques can stroll and shop in downtown Orlando or go to the city of Winter Park, where you will find clothing brands hard to find, home furnishings and antiques.

With over 170 golf courses, more than 20 academies and some of the most prestigious tournaments, Orlando is a golf paradise.

Professionals show that: in addition to receiving more golfers than any other city in the world, Orlando was named the "North American target golf of the year" by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators in 2010.

And with a lot of great fields, created by players like Nicklaus, Fazio and Dye, the city offers visitors a unique golfing experience not found anywhere else.

When to Go to Orlando

You can visit Orlando in all seasons, but choosing the season according to the objectives of the trip is essential to the success of your holiday.

Whoever wishes to enjoy the water parks, for example, should avoid the winter, from December to March. Although the temperature is mild most of the time not being pleasant to come into the water.

On the other hand, those who do not mind wearing a cardigan possible are treated to the privilege of meeting the attractions emptier and lower prices in hotels, tickets and car rentals.

The spring, which goes from March to June and the second half of autumn, in mid-October and November are the best times to enjoy the blue sky, heat and movement in the right measure.

Since the summer awakens love-hate relationship. While the days are very long to play up to say enough, the heat is melting castles.

Furthermore, the period coincides with school holidays in Brazil but also in the United States, which means more queues and prices salty. Holidays like New Year and Independence Day United States, July 4, are also critical dates.

How to arrive in Orlando

TAM is the only airline operating direct flights to Orlando from Sao Paulo. The trip takes about eight hours.

American Airlines, there are departures from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Recife, changing planes in Miami.

Copa Airlines has lines of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Manaus, with a stopover in Panama.

Another possibility is United, whose flight makes one stop in Washington or Chicago. Delta now return the plane in Atlanta, New York or Detroit.

TAM: www.tam.com.br
American Airlines: www.aa.com.br
Copa Airlines: www.copaair.com
United: www.united.com.br
Delta: www.delta.com

Make a Suitcase to Orlando

When we think of travel, the first thing that comes to mind is where we take the suitcase to enjoy the ride with style and comfort, more traveling to another country, you know exactly what to take?

Thinking about it, we decided to leave some tips here for you to know more about important details of Orlando before boarding.

To begin, let´s look at the main-clothes. You should dress according to the season that will make your trip. If in summer, wear light clothing, and lightweight and dry quickly, because in addition to sweat you´ll end up getting wet.

Always think first in comfort, because the park is huge, and it is better to prioritize comfort and have a delightful ride to prioritize the beauty and end up not enjoying the park almost nothing.

Take a shoe that is extremely comfortable, because you will go far. The gym clothes are also recommended. Avoid taking darks, mainly black, everyone knows that dark clothing heats up easier when the temperature is hot.

But if you choose to travel in winter, do not be discouraged. Take clothes to protect them from cold, Tactel pant, which is very light or a jeans looser, which is not too fair.

In winter, the weather is usually cool enough at night, so take a jacket that you can easily follow in places. Although it is winter, the weather in Orlando is not unbearable, the relevant factor is the wind, not temperature.

Now let´s talk about protection. In summer the sun is hot in Orlando, even hot, so bring sunscreen, hats and sunglasses, which protect you as well. Already thinking of rain, be sure to wash a layer of protection to rain, because there, beyond the layers are thin, are very expensive.

Walk always with a bottle of water on hand, due to the heat, dehydration is even greater. In the parks there are places that sell water, but most also offer public drinking fountains.

Another very important tip is in regards to electronics. Before traveling, find out the voltage of energy in the desired destination, Orlando in the case of the voltage is 110 volts. The plugs have two parallel blades, being on one side larger than another, in this case provide adapters.

Now for safety, we have a really cool tip for you. Before traveling, make a copy of your passport page that appears in your photo and your data, create a copy of the sheet and credit card documents, this ensures you in case of loss of personal belongings during the visit to the park.

Do not forget that traveling to Orlando is REQUIRED to submit the passport with the visa. Check out our Useful Addresses and Telephone Numbers and find more information on how to apply for a U.S. passport.

Do not forget that you can take only 02 checked bags with a maximum of 32 pounds each and maximum size of 157cm, adding length, width and height, and a third hand luggage with a maximum of 18 pounds it fits under or in the overhead bin seat aircraft, with maximum size of 114cm (length + width + height).

History of Orlando

The region where today is located the city of Orlando, was inhabited by a tribe of Native Americans known as the Seminoles. During the First Seminole War of a soldier named Orlando Reeves was killed in 1836 on their land producing sugar, your body buried beside a tree with your name written on it. Later on, some settlers who arrived in the region began to assign the name written on the tomb at the site that they settled there, just outside Orlando as the place became known.

During the Second Seminole War in 1838 the Union Army established a camp at Fort Gadlin, a few miles south of the current city center, but was quickly abandoned when the war came to an end.

Only during the Third Seminole War, around 1850, the region began to receive significant occupancy, the first inhabitants were mostly farmers, and remained so during the American Civil War.

From 1875 until 1895 the city went through a phase of great growth in production of citrus fruits, especially oranges, this was known as the Age Awarded. But at the end of the production was experienced major problems due to a frozen time they arrived in the region, many producers have left the city to produce more passing south of the state.

Orlando, being the largest city in mainland Florida, had been used numerous times as a camping site to house soldiers from the Spanish-American War to World War II. In 1958, McCoy Air Force Base was founded, which was the settlement of the army in Pine Castle, named after Colonel Michael NW McCoy. Since Orlando is near the Air Force Base Patrick, Kennedy Air Force Station and Kennedy Space Center, many high tech companies settled in the area, creating high level jobs for residents of Orlando.

It is true that the most important economic event for the city was the decision in 1965 that Walt Disney would build the Walt Disney World Resort in the city, the choice of Orlando to host the complex took the fact that hurricanes have a lower incidence than in coastal cities.

The work of the complex was completed in October 1971, this economic growth and huge population was brought, in addition to the city is known worldwide. An important event happened at the same time, was the construction of the Orlando International Airport, in place of McCoy Air Force Base, one of the busiest airports in the world.

Security of Orlando

Orlando is a very safe city, yet it is very important to be attentive to safety.

Do not take all your money anywhere, it is safer to leave it in the hotel suddenly called safe box, along with his passport and plane ticket.

Walk only with the copy of passport and visa page, and other identification documents.

Avoid going to parks or sights at night when the movement is less. Avoid walking with cameras and camcorders on display, even in public places.

Also beware the hotel, as is public access, and there is usually no control over who enters. Therefore, always leave the door locked.

Never open the door of your hotel room unless you know who is there. If you did not ask the service offered by the person at the door, call security or the hotel reception to see if they sent someone to your room.

When you check in at the hotel, see the map on the floor, located behind the door of his room to know where the fire exits and emergency.

Beware of some Brazilian customs because most of them are not well accepted by the Americans. In the United States, Brazilians are seen as troublemakers, why not stick line, throw paper on the floor or make a mess of toys in the parks, they berate yourself.

In emergency situations, call 9-1-1.

Useful Phone Numbers of Orlando


So you can travel to the United States it is necessary first of all get your passport and then request without a U.S. visa so that you can enter the country.

When applying for a visa, you must pay the relevant fee, and since the day April 13, 2012 request for such procedures have changed.

It is noteworthy that the validity of the visa and the time allowed for their stay in the United States stem from two separate authorizations.

The visa is a permit affixed to the passport that allows him to travel to the United States with a specific purpose, for a certain period, once or multiple times, and its validity stated in the passport and corresponds to the period between the grant date and the date of expiration.

The expiration date does not match the period you are allowed to remain in the United States.

The period allowed for the visitor to stay in the United States is determined upon arrival to the country by immigration agents. This term is placed on the Arrival-Departure Record, a record of arrival using the Form I-94 and the role he is referring to is attached by staff in the foreigner´s passport.


Fill out the online form to request a visa DS-160 - http://brazil.usvisa-info.com or call any of the local telephone.

Register online stating the confirmation code of your DS-160.Read the answer options and choose the one that best applies to your case.Make a payment of application fee for visas (MRV) that may be paid by credit card through the website to schedule an interview or by telephone. The applicant may also choose to pay by bank transfer at any bank´s network slips, the docket should print the site of care. You must retain proof of payment slip after the payment is made to schedule your appointments. No more for a separate fee schedule, or to send the passport.Schedule your visit to the CASV and, if necessary, his interview at the Consulate / Embassy. You can schedule online, by phone or Skype site.Provide the address where your passport will be sent after the interview or choose an agency of DHL to remove it.Step 3: On the date scheduled, where they will attend the CASV taken their fingerprints and photo. Applicants must submit:

Their passports valid for at least six months from the date of travelTheir previous passports with visas valid or expiredThe confirmation page of the form DS-160.For security reasons, visa applicants may not enter the CASV with volumes (except a small bag), sharp objects or flammable, mobile phones or other electronic equipment.Step 4: On the date scheduled, come to the Consulate / Embassy. Applicants must submit:

Their passports valid for at least six months of the date of travelTheir previous passports with visas valid or expiredThe confirmation page of the form DS-160,Additional documentation it deems necessary for his interview with a consular officer.For security reasons, the visa applicants and American citizens can not enter the Consulate or the Embassy with volumes (except a small bag), sharp objects or flammable, mobile phones or other electronic equipment.

Step 5: If your application is approved, you will receive your passport with the visa within 10 days after your interview unless an administrative processing is required. You will receive your passport at the address given or, if it chose to withdraw an agency of DHL, go to the selected agency 10 days after your interview. We recommend that applicants make no travel reservation prior to receiving the passport with the visa.


Orlando Tickets Online - (407) 948-2040
Orlando International Airport - (407) 825-2001
Busch Gardens Tampa - (888) 800-5447
Consulate General of Brazil in Miami - (305) 285-6200
Emergency (Police / Fire / Ambulance) - 911
I-Ride - (407) 248-9590
Islands of Adventure - Orlando - Guest Services - (407) 224-4037
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex - (800) 578-4636
Mears - (407) 423-5566
Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau - (407) 363-5871
Seaworld Orlando - (407) 351-3600
Universal Studios Tickets & Information - (407) 224-5500
Universal Studios Orlando - Central Reservations - (407) 224-9255
Universal Studios Orlando - Guest Services - (407) 224-6350
Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure - Orlando - (407) 363-8000
Walt Disney World - Disney Golf - (407) 939-4653
Walt Disney World - Disney´s Beach Club Resort - (407) 934-8000
Walt Disney World - Taxis - (407) 824-3360
Walt Disney World - Tickets - (407) 939-1289
Walt Disney World - Transportation - (407) 939-7433
Walt Disney World - Vacation Package Bookings - (407) 939-7675
Walt Disney World - Weather - (407) 824-4104

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