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Buzios is a peculiarity of this unique promenade, bordered by a beach full of boats and bronze sculptures that eternalized passing renowned as JK and Brigitte Bardot in Buzios.

The Orla Bardot was opened in 1999 and offers comfort in wooden decks, benches, stone floors and landscaping with vegetation of the region.

Walking the Rim features a light and wonderful ride, accompanied by sea and their boats typical frame, colorful. Amid decks and natural adornments, the edge separates the beach from the boardwalk and a frame of sophisticated restaurants, shops and inns.

A trip to Buzios asks for a walk in the morning and another at night. There are 2 scenarios that are unmatched edge of an extraordinary attraction.

Along the way you will find historical buildings, colonial houses, fishermen community and cultural landmarks, like the statues of Brigitte Bardot and the Fishermen.


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