Ópera de Arame

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The construction impresses and delights, besides being beautiful, displays the best music shows in Brazil.
The Wire Opera House is a charming place where you can admire one of the most charming places in Curitiba, the city´s old quarry. Built on a tubular structure transparent, it offers fascinating musical spectacles, and provide beautiful scenery for your photos.

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One of the main postcards of Curitiba, was inaugurated in 1992 in Quarry Park, near the Cultural Leminski Paul.

The Wire Opera House was built in tubular structure and transparent polycarbonate roof. The project is the architect Dominic Bongestabs, professor of Architecture, and Urbanism UFPR, the same author´s project Unilivre.

It seats 2,400 people and a stage of 400m ² for the artistic and cultural presentations.

The external environment of the Wire Opera House is also beautiful. It was the place where an old quarry worked. Today, you can enjoy the native forest, a pond with carp, a cascade of 10 meters and several species of birds.


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