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About Olímpia

Considered one of the most important tourist hubs of São Paulo, Olympia is located in the region of the Guarani Aquifer, in a privileged region in northwestern São Paulo. Distant 430 km from the capital Sao Paulo has an area of ​​804 km and a population estimated at 50,602 inhabitants.

Its economy is based on agribusiness and commerce, but tourism has been increasing and gaining momentum with the expansion of Laranjais Club Spa, one of the largest water parks in Brazil, which receives every day thousands of tourists, attracted by its healing waters and a wide variety of attractions that the club provides.

The Thermas is located in a beautiful valley, naturally protected and adorned by lush green location. For mineral, naturally heated by underwater rocks over a thousand meters, the park still enchanted by the harmony and improving landscaping.

With more than 23 natural hot water pools, the emphasis is on account of which has waves and also the 18-meter waterslide and six lanes. It is the only 2 km from the city center,

Olympia is also reference in popular culture and bears the title "Capital of Folklore", and the Folklore Museum, one of the most complete collections on the subject, being visited by scholars, researchers and students from different states.

The town hosts the annual "National Folklore Festival" which in 2009 completed 45 years. The festival is held in the Plaza of Folk Activities "Professor Joseph Sant´anna", the only venue of its kind, internationally known and where to go during the festival more than 150 000 people.

The National Folklore Festival of Olympia is a unique show that brings together groups of all Brazilian states and is considered one of the largest gatherings of Brazilian culture, where you can observe and revere our origins and customs.

What to do in Olímpia

Located between Sao Jose do Rio Preto and Barry, Olympia has become a major tourist hub of the state of Sao Paulo. The process began in 1987 with the opening of the waterpark Thermas Laranjais, attracting new businesses and many options for lodging.

The city is also a reference when it comes to folklore, as well as housing a museum exclusively on popular culture, Olympia held a crowded and traditional folk festival.

The main attraction, the Thermas of Orange groves, offers fun for all sides. There are over twenty thermal pools, with the familiar wave pool to the creative contraption that defies the bather to balance on a surfboard after a radical descent.

  All attractions are water temperature between 26 and 33 degrees. The space also houses a rest area with sand, palm trees, hammocks, children´s water slides and restaurants.

When it comes to culture, all roads lead to the Folklore Museum, one of the most complete collections on the subject. Over three thousand pieces of various garments, apparels Folia de Reis, Congadas, Reisados​​, Mozambique, parts of clay, bamboo, wood, leather, agate, towels with thistles, straw work, crochet, colorful paintings, instruments, books . The oldest and most valuable pieces is on the outside of the museum, it is a locomotive, from 1940 to 1950, made ​​the connection between Olympia and the rest of Brazil.

The city also offers a quality of life well planned and varied attractions for those who know the city addresses. You have the option of knowing the churches of Olympia and admire the architecture preserved. The Orchid is another step that is worth knowing.

Olympia also has fish to attract the tourists, who enjoy to learn more about fish and enjoy a different lunch.

When to Go to Olímpia

Olympia´s main attraction of your Thermas Laranjais, a fantastic place. Because of this, its tourism is busiest during the summer when the heat is intense and tourists want to cool off.

However, the Thermas has heated pools, which allow you to receive tourists during colder days as well.

The festival of folklore, traditional event of Olympia is held every year in August, and gives you an enchanting experience.

How to arrive in Olímpia


The city of Olympia is located in the northwestern part of the state. In a privileged position in terms of accessibility, is a 429Km from the capital, São Paulo, 50 km from São José do Rio Preto, 49km from Barry. Access to Olympia takes place by Assis Chateaubriand Roads - Highway 425 and SP Armando de Salles Oliveira-SP322.


Bus Olympia
Av Aurora Snow Forts, s / n
Tel: 281-6517

Make a Suitcase to Olímpia

For those who will visit Olympia and want to spend a few days enjoying the Thermas of Laranjais should bring beach clothes, such as sunglasses, bikinis, bathing suits, swimwear, hat and plenty of sunscreen.

For the practice of sports, is the ideal light clothing and not be as snug as race or strap blouses, jeans or shorts and tennis Tactel, which ensures greater comfort.

If you intend to leave at night and connhecer distributed the bars and restaurants in downtown Olympia, then take some more clothes as social skirt and dress, not forgetting the jump. The Accessories, makeup can not be left out of production.

And do not forget to take the digital camera to record every moment of this unforgettable and fun trip.

History of Olímpia

In the middle of last century, among the adventurers of exploration and conquest of virgin and fallow lands, the miner was Miguel Antonio Joaquim dos Santos, who perpetrated the devassamento pioneer who now inhabit the earth.

The explorer named Antonio Joaquim dos Santos, the Eye of the Hinterland Water due to the large number of springs found here. The site was cut by the River Dim, through the River of Cachoeirinha and extensive network of small tributaries.

There are sixty streams in the city and one of them paid their tributes to the Eye Water Creek that runs through the city of Olympia and flows placidly between its banks, ornamented by pleasant greenery.

On March 2, 1903 was made ​​a donation of 100 acres of land for the establishment of the Patrimony of St. John the Baptist Eye Water. The deed was drawn up that day, the Clerk of the 1st Notary Silvares Francisco de Almeida, in Barry, and recorded on July 9, 1903, pages 53, Book I-3 transcription Homes.

Security of Olímpia

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