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Opened in 2010, the Nautical Museum of Ilhabela has a rich collection of objects such as crystals, porcelain, pottery, silver, bronze artifacts, among others, dating from the eighteenth century until the middle of last century.

It also has the entire history of escafandria, professional and recreational diving with several pieces on display, as well as models of the major shipwrecks have occurred in the region.

More than 1,500 pieces of various shipwrecks, including parts purchased from caiçaras old, who witnessed the events and thus perpetuated the history and original objects obtained from miscarriages of ships.

The coast of the island of Ilhabela is full of maritime accidents that have occurred since its discovery. And it is through the conservation of this heritage that the museum seeks to tell the story of navigation through your display.

Much of the social history of the region lies behind these shipwrecks, archaeological remains which are fundamental to a correct understanding of our reality.

Nautical Museum of Ilhabela:
Address: Dona Isa, 25, Itaguassu, corner of Almirante Tamandaré.
Phone: (12) 3896-3840

Hours: Daily from 13h to 18h.


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