National Theater Claudio Santoro

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The National Theater Claudio is a place that enchants and makes the ride even more fun. It is worth visiting the Theatre in the coolest season, where it has mind-blowing and charming pieces. The place has several rooms, designed to better receive tourists. The Theatre is also a more distinguished work of Oscar Niemeyer.

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The National Theater Claudio Santoro is a Brazilian theater designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Construction began on July 30, 1960, and the structure was completed in January 30, 1961, but by five years the work was stopped.

The Martins Pena room was ready in 1966 and, after ten years of activity, was closed for renovation and completion of the theater, which occurred on April 21, 1981.

Claudio Santoro National Theater is located on Route N2, Cultural Sector North, has a pyramid structure with irregular. Inside there are the rooms Martins Pena, Villa-Lobos and Alberto Nepomuceno, where they perform throughout the year numerous acts and cultural representations.


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