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Dunes Genipabu

About Natal

One of the most sought after places on personal travel in the Northeast is the beautiful city of Natal, capital of Rio Grande do Norte. Full of attractions and sights is ideal for those seeking a perfect vacation with fun and leisure.

It all started in 1547, Jeronimo de Albuquerque led a group of Portuguese who joined bound for the river mouth Potengi with the mission to begin the construction of the Forte dos Reis Magos. The river banks were making room for construction of houses and so, on December 25, 1598, on Christmas Day, has become the foundation of a village.

Christmas is surrounded by natural beauty and one of the postcards are the best known Genipabu Dunes, a delight to the eye. In Genipabu, who gives the show are the dunes buggies that slip into an insane rises and falls. Making a tour of the dunes is possible to cross two other famous sights and charming, which are the beaches and Redinha Graçandu.

Another tourist spot is crowded with tourists Ponta Negra, known for its delicious kiosks, and after sunset, the sun offer live music in bars and restaurants in the vicinity.

And speaking of restaurants, eating Christmas is irresistible. In culinary terms the Natal does not lack, it offers a wide range of good restaurants with menus that only found in Natal.

In the south of Natal, the beaches will lead us to the village of Pipa, marked by beautiful cliffs with lots of vegetation and attracting dolphins to the shore. The best way to try to find dolphins is to make a boat trip, which usually includes a stop for snorkeling. Another way of sighting them is watching the sea from the top of the cliffs.

The RN is also featured crafts. The typical number sought by tourists are carved coconut heads and are used to store liquor. There are several craft shops that offer various and typical jobs can be found in the center of sightseeing or shopping in the Craft Natal.

As for hosting, Christmas offers several installation points well built and designed for you and your family feel comfortable. In Natal, the hotel chain focuses on Ponta Negra beach, near the night clubs. The Natal is one that offers the greatest amount of urban resorts within the limits, all located along the track Coast.

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