Mysterious Lagoon

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The mysterious lake charms with so much beauty
The mysterious lake, as the name implies, allows many mysteries and charms for you. There is a common practice floating and diving through the water clean and clear which allows you to see the rare and colorful fish in Bonito.

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The Mysterious Lagoon is considered the seventh deepest cave in the country, the Brazilian Society of Speleology and one of the deepest caves flooded Brazil, reaching over 220 meters of water column.

The tour starts with a short interpretive trail through the woods surrounding the sinkhole, an opportunity to observe the rich diversity of fauna and flora.

The trail leads to the lookout, where you can admire the beauty of trees covering the sinkhole 75 feet deep, and see the Mysterious Lagoon.

Access to this pond of blue water is made by a staircase of 179 steps, comfortable and safe. The groups have limited size of up to ten guests and are always accompanied by an expert local guide, and certified the appeal.

On reaching the deck access Mysterious Lagoon, the visitor receives the equipment to be used for flotation: mask, snorkel and lifejacket. For those who choose not to float, you can admire the lake and admire the blue tint of its waters.

The vision of both blue pits that form the bottom of the pond is impressive. The vertical rock walls, the fallen trunks of white sand deposits, the antlers with golden leaves, the small fish that glow with the light beams, turn the Mysterious Lagoon in a unique environment.

The 8-meter deep open two wells, with about 10 meters in diameter, which descend vertically over 240 meters deep. The feeling one gets while floating in waters as transparent on a limb is to be flying, as if you were released into the air.

After the flotation is carried out in a circular loop in Mysterious Lagoon, the group returns to the deck, remove the equipment, up the stairs and runs over a small stretch of interpretive trail, coming back to the reception of the Mysterious Lagoon.


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