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Reniero Etore Bressan was born on May 5, 1915, son of Italian immigrants. In parallel to study the mechanical workshop of Mr. Elisha Lourenção to learn a trade. At that time, the city has a fleet of taxi Fordinhos serving. Sprout grew to 35 Fordinhos licensed in the city and all were attended by Reniero in his workshop, in addition to the cars from neighboring cities.

With the emergence of Gordinis Beetles and the fleet has been modernized, making the Ford rareassem 29. But Reniero remained firm in the industry, now with a diverse clientele: young people were packed by the "clunker" of the "King" Roberto Carlos or collectors who have already realized the benefits of restoring a "Fordinho", whether it was a "roadster" or a sedan. Reniero Bressan fell in love with it and has specialized in the restoration. Looking in "junkyards" original parts manufactured or handmade doorknobs and other missing pieces. When the pieces ready, he sent them to San Carlos to nickel or chrome.

Reniero not think the profits, only the immense pleasure in creating, restoring, moving beyond the existing low-tech and contemplate a rare gem. Customers also had diverse tastes: some opted for Ford´s original colors, others wanted a red car with white upholstery and hood. Here at Sprout can still see the "roadster" that Reniero made to his son and is now owned by the family Albuquerque Pinheiro (can be seen in the Museum´s clunker).

The only cab that remains of that time was Michael Osti, the first "chauffer" city. The famous Fordinho yellow, which can be seen in the Museum´s jalopy, is now her daughter Nelly, is intact and occasionally around town. Another family that keeps a Fordinho Reniero is restored by Dr. Rodolfo Guimarães, also in excellent condition. Bressan has been frequently interviewed by newspapers in Brazil, always interested in spreading the wonderful work of this craftsman.

Reniero died on November 22, 2001, aged 86, in his hometown, Sprout, a land she loved much. The current generation considers Brotas "The Capital of Adventure Sports", however, unaware of what has been the "Capital of Fordinhos", thanks to the work, talent and love that always guided the life of this master of restoration Fordinhos, Reniero Bressan. This historical review is about someone who lived his dream of "seeing rotate ´their´ Fordinhos and hear the horn sounding ..."


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