Muro Alto

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One of the most beautiful sights of the Brazilian Northeast, the Muro Alto beach holds many riches and natural beauties of Pernambuco
Muro Alto is one of the beaches that surround the port of chickens and earns its name by having a barrier of sand in the sea, thus creating a giant pool of clear water. The beach of Muro known to have high and lovely scenery and be one of the most beautiful postcards of Pernambuco.

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Muro Alto is 19 km away and has Ipojuca 3km in length from one end to another beach. The name Muro Alto arose because there is a sand wall shortly after Orla isolating a small part of the beach the rest of the sea.

The great work of nature is the formation of reefs that creates a huge natural pool, no waves and very clear. There is no way to endure hours and hours in the water. Small sailboats and kayaks are also great entertainment options.

Because it has calm waters, the beach of Muro Alto attracts many tourists to water sports enthusiasts, such as ride sails, boats and boats.

The beach is highlighted by its beauty, now considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil. It is all framed between irresistible landscapes, surrounded by coconut trees, coral reefs and part of the Atlantic.

Muro Alto is concentrating most of the resorts in the region of Porto de Galinhas, making it even more attractive and awesome.


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