Mundaí Beach

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In Mundaí beach, kayaking is one of the best attractions
The beach Mundaí is simply lovely. There you have several attractive options, and the principal is the kayak tour, because it has clean and calm waters. You can also enjoy the sun on the wide stretch of sand and quite enjoy your trip.

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The beach of the first Mundaí a beautiful beach Rim to the North and is located about 4 kilometers from Porto Seguro.

Because it has calm waters and shade of huge coconut trees, the beach is the main attraction for tourists that go with your family so that children can enjoy.

The site houses a huge full of bars and restaurants, as the tent That Shack, which offers the visitor a soundtrack to the base of Blues, Reggae and Rock, ideal apra those seeking a quiet place.

Join to have a tranquil setting, the presence of the vast tent-Tôa Tôa ensures the ax on high, shows, lambaeróbica for all ages and souvenir shop.

In summer, the choice is to take a helicopter back to see above all the excitement that takes over the beach.

To escape the bustle, head to the Jamaica Bar, with everything very calm and quiet for those seeking peace.

At night it gets very busy throughout Mundaí beach, bars and restaurants are preparing to meet the public of all ages.

It is worth knowing and experiencing the different foods typical of the region and dance forro very foot of the mountain of live shows.


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