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People seem giants near the Mini World
Mini World is a place just fantastic. Created by father and son in love with models, this small town now reaches a wide space in Gramado. With houses, cars and people with size up to 24x smaller than normal, it attracts many tourists and draws childrens attention, since it looks like a toy.

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Mini World is a must-see attraction. A beautiful park built and filled with charming miniatures that resemble the hills of Europe.

The park is part of a select group of world tourist attractions that have replicas of buildings in a single scale of 1:24, acclimated to the outdoors in a beautiful garden.
The thumbnails are reproductions of actual architectural works, displayed in settings that make up a small city on the move.

The buildings come to life through sound and the presence of about 2,500 inhabitants mini, also on a reduced scale, and its railroads, rivers and roads allow the integration of downtown neighborhoods and rural areas. A place that feels huge!

In the pages of this site you can learn a little of the Mini World and have fun. You can also search for information, photos and plan your trip, taking advantage of our special programs.

The Mini World came from a dream, the dream of a family of German immigrants who came to Brazil in 1952 leaving the Europe of those turbulent times. Otto, German, and Ritta, Brazil, along with his son, resumed his life with the construction of Hotel Ritta Hppner in 1958, which grew under the care of their matriarch, who died in 1973.

The grandchildren were the stimulus for the grandfather and his son Otto initiate the building next to the hotel for a small play area with swings and toy house.

In the area near the hotel no longer fit all the fantasies that imagination insisted on making concrete. Everything would have to be on a smaller scale, that could also be seen in a more comprehensive and friendly. Here a city born to be seen more fully from the top. Not to be forgotten the story, told through the castles.

An entire city, toy outdoors. Adult toys made by hand, following faithfully the corresponding projects, all 24 times smaller than the original. A multi-ethnic city, as our real world, that never stops reinventing itself, always in an innovative, creative and avant-garde - as the dream that created it.

Today, already in its fourth generation, the family goes building and maintaining this labor of love that continues to capture the child remains subject to all.

The mini world is located at Calle Horacio Cardoso, 291 - Gramado / RS and its opening hours are daily from 10am till 17hs.

Phone: (54) 3286.4055


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