Metropolitan Cathedral

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The Maceió Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most beautiful postcards of Brazi
The Maceió Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most beautiful monuments of the city. Founded in 1859 the church is blessed by the patron saint Our Lady of Joy and attracts many tourists and devotees of the saint who pay the most sacred promises and praise, with the patron saint to intercede for them.

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The Maceió Metropolitan Cathedral was founded in 1859 and received the blessing of the Diocesan Con visitor. Afonso de Albuquerque.

At 31 dai, after High Mass, the visitor Diocese blessed the new image of the patron, imposing sculpture, offered by Baron Watchtower.

In the afternoon, Dom Pedro II spans the threshold of the temple and was vibrant with notes sung the hymn of thanksgiving.

Blessed by Our Lady of Joy brings neoclassical characteristics, such as irregular pediment and modern, present on the altar of masonry replacing the original wooden altar.

The charm is due to the nave, with columns, wooden gates, silver candelabra and two pulpits canopy decorated with fillets of gold.


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