Mercado Modelo

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Market Model seen from above, a meeting of different cultures and peoples. Beautiful!
The Market Model is one of the icons and Brazilian part of the history of the country. Built in 1861 and listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage, hosted the third in the past customs of the capital. Within the municipal market for about 260 different shops where you can find various products.

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A trip to Salvador is not complete without a visit to the Mercado Modelo, a traditional craft center typical of Bahia. Considered one of the main sights of the capital of Bahia, the Market Model combines the most expressive in local traditions, from the works of art made by artisans, even the food that is a symbol of the state.

The Market Model is located in downtown Salvador, specifically the Square Cayru. Your surroundings also has the traditional Lacerda Elevator, the church of Praia da Conceição, Marina City and the port, completing the scenario multicolored peculiar Salvador. The neoclassical building, built in 1861 and listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage, hosted the third in the past customs of the capital.

Currently, there are over 260 shops in the market selling all kinds of art Bahia. Here, you can find lace, tapestries, paintings, decorative objects, ceramics and souvenirs items in this unique city in Brazil. Not to mention the work with precious stones, jewelry, gems, amulets, leather, silver, and many other pieces that impress by their quality and detail, colors and shapes. All developed with the great influence of African culture, beyond the touch of European presence and simplicity of Brazilian Indians.

Mix that results in an artistic expression that is found only in Bahia. The richness and quality of items offered is such that the Mercado Modelo atrainão only foreign tourists but also visitors from Brazil and even the soteropolitanos, who are lucky enough to live very close to this traditional unmissable attraction.

To complete the visit to the Mercado Modelo, are still available bars scattered amid the shops, where you can find drinks typical of Bahia and local delicacies. But for those who do not exempt the real taste of Salvador, is worth a visit to the upper floor of the market, where are the restaurants lovely cameo of Oxossi and Mary of St. Peter. Both establishments are among the oldest restaurants typical Bahian, and serve the very richest in local cuisine.

And the best: the unspeakable dishes with flavors can be savored with a stunning ocean view! As if all that was not enough to attract thousands of visitors, the Mercado Modelo also has frequent presentations of capoeira, which represent the more traditional expression of dance and fight location. Know the Market Model Salvador and enchanted with years of tradition, history and culture that is found only in Bahia!

The Market Model is open Monday to Saturday from 9h to 19h and Sundays and holidays from 9 am to 14h; Its restaurants operate up to 16h.


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