Memorial of Discovery

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The pointer of replica of the caravel that brought Pedro Alvares Cabral to Brazil
Here in the memorial of the discovery, you learn a little about everything that happened in the fall of Pedro Alvares Cabral in Brazil, and as was the discovery of the territory. It is here that they are preserved replicas of sailing ships and items used by pioneers to get here.

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The Memorial of the Discovery, conceived and founded by Professor Wilson Cruz was opened in 2003, and today is one of the main tourist and cultural city of Porto Seguro.

The Memorial is a cultural space that covers the period of humanity, in which major technological innovations, artistic, philosophical, social and religious took place giving rise to the modern era.

The built area occupies only about 700 square meters 20,000 meters available for the park, the other 96.5% is the NAU and the vast green area.

The guides are young Indians pataxós Jaqueira Reserve State School students and Pedro Alvares Cabral. They perform their duties with grace and skill, being very attentive and patient with tourists.

Always open doors to tourists, whether domestic or foreign, local residents, youth and adults, the Memorial of the Epic of Discovery fills a historical gap, because although Porto Seguro is the cradle of the Brazilian nation little or nothing was said about the facts that leveraged Portuguese expansion overseas and the subsequent discovery of Brazil.

The Memorial of the Discovery seeks to disseminate the historical events that contributed to the formation of our civilization, as the cycle of 106 years of the great Portuguese navigators, through India, Africa and ending in Brazil.

As well as provoking interest and debate about our roots, to establish the relationship between past and present, showing visitors to our Portuguese heritage that add up Indians, blacks and many other ethnic groups living in the interactive beliefs, customs, arts and cultures that make up this rich heritage that is expressive and original Brazilian people.


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