Memorial Juscelino Kubitschek

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The Kubitschek Memorial reserves a lot of history, both the city of Brasilia and the life of the great president and founder of the city, Kubitschek. There you can find personal belongings and the President, besides being able to visit the grave with the remains of JK.

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The JK Memorial is a museum in the city of Brasília designed by Oscar Niemeyer, opened on September 12, 1981 and dedicated to former Brazilian president Kubitschek founder of the city of Brasilia. At the site, are the body of JK, several possessions, as his personal library, and pictures of both him and his wife Sarah.

It features works designed by Athos on your outdoor area, a stained glass window designed by artist Marianne Peretti on the vault and a 4.5-meter sculpture of Honorius Peçanha authorship.

The work was the subject of harsh criticism of reactionary sectors, which saw a reference to the monument of the symbols of communism, the ideology of the architect: hammer and sickle.

A history of Brasília is confused with the former President Juscelino Kubitschek. Therefore, a space was built to honor the person responsible for construction project of the Federal Capital. In the Memorial are the remains of JK, deposited on a black marble mausoleum.

It is part of a library collection of over 3000 volumes, which belonged to the former president, and personal items. These documents and clothes worn during the gala term in office. Medals, coins, medals, excerpts from speeches are exposed in the two-story building designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

Location: Monumental Axis
Visitation: Tuesday to Sunday from 9h to 18h
Admission: $ 10.00 $ 5.00
Full and Half Phone: (61) 3326.7860 / 3225.9451


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