Meireles Beach

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Meireles Beach view from the top
A beach of beautiful landscapes, Meireles beach is an ideal place for those seeking a vacation quiet and cozy. Tourists are enchanted by its natural beauty preserved amid a wall of houses and buildings in Fortaleza. Undoubtedly the beach of Meireles is the right destination for you and your Famili fun.

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For tourists looking for a familiar place, cozy, Meireles beach is ideal. The beach of Meireles is an upscale neighborhood of Fortaleza Meireles also called. A beach clean and green allows a smooth and pleasant trip.

The beach is surrounded by rocks and palm trees that make his views more beautiful and more in the nature preserves. The beach of Meireles is an attraction in itself and its natural beauty complete this lovely setting.

His view stands out among the huge buildings of the big city Fortaleza and impresses with the beauty and preservation.

At night, bars and restaurants badalam the neighborhood Meireles and enables tourists to leisurely strolls in the moonlight or dance forro a foot-hills to the sound of live music.


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