Maxaranguape Beach

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In the midst of so much beauty you can find boats and speedboats enjoying paradise
Surrounded by dunes and amazing scenery, Maxaranguape is a small town in northern Brazil that bases its economy on fishing and tourism. One point that stands out in Maxaranguape is the tree of love, where two gameleiras grew intertwined. The surf is also an attraction for tourists sought.

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Maxaranguape is a small coastal town of Rio Grande do Norte, about 65 km distant from the capital. With an economy based mainly for fishing and tourism.

Maxaranguape beach is surrounded by dunes and amazing scenery. The beach is home to Cape St. Roque, the point nearest the Brazilian coast of Africa. The lighthouse of Cape St. Roque is ideal for the top spot all the beauty that surrounds the beach.

Be sure to visit the Tree of Love, a "hug" between two gameleiras tree typical of the region caused by the strong winds that blow there, where couples enjoy to leave tree marked on the hull of his statements to the passionate lover.

The city also houses a bar Maxaranguape, quite popular with surfers, windsurfers and fishermen. Complete the picture, though, the ponds, dunes, mangroves, river and forest tracts suitable for hiking and horseback riding.


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