Maria Farinha Beach

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Calm and quiet beach, ideal for rest and enjoy the trip,
Maria Farinha The beach got its name because the visit of an illustrious caranguejinho that is camouflaged amid the sand to have a beige color and then look like dust with flour. The beach also holds many riches found only in Recife, one of the most beautiful places in Brazil.

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Maria Farinha is the name of the beach that lies in the municipality of Paulista, in the metropolitan area of Recife. The town lies in the north of Pernambuco and this will be 35 km away from the state capital. The city of Sao Paulo has about 300,500 inhabitants.

Maria Farinha The beach is an attractive and well for those seeking fun in your tour of Recife. The beach was named on account of Maria Farinha receive the housing of thousands of crabs Maria flour in the sand. Maria flour crabs are small and have a yellowish tone throughout the body, camouflaging themselves from the sand.

Maria Farinha Beach has calm waters, shallow and clear, perfect for water sports like windsurfing, kayaking, diving and jet skiing. Situated between the River and Timbo sea, white sand beach and fluffy extends for four kilometers, surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves.

When the tide is low, several boat trips take tourists caravels, small banks of sand and gravel forming natural pools full of colorful fish. The Venetian Water Park with slides and pools is another tourist spot visited that super is making the joy of children.

The difference in Maria Farinha is its extensive stretch of sand that is adorned with tents with thatched roof worked on, leaving the tropical climate as well.

At night, the beach Maria Farinha is all lit up and looks lovely. Bars and restaurants are preparing to receive tourists and provide a very pleasant evening with live music and lots of dancing.


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