March 25

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The street on March 25 is one of the busiest of the whole of Brazil and attracts around 3000 people a day
The 25 March is a retail point of St. Paul that can attract thousands of people per day looking to purchase and stock quality products at an affordable price. The street is also famous for selling clothes and accessories, attracting retailers who resell the products with a higher percentage.

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Street March 25 is one of the best known streets in Brazil, to attract tenants and sellers from all over the country

Located in the city of São Paulo, Rua 25 March is considered the largest shopping center in Latin America, because it consists of one of the busiest shopping centers retailers and wholesalers in the city.

One of the highlights of the local market is the high number of stalls of vendors vying for space with shops selling all kinds of domestic and imported products without official recognition.

In its vicinity there are several galleries that sell imported goods at low cost, especially for electrical and electronic appliances, we list Pagé Gallery, known for the wide range of products offered for sale, Shopping on March 25 and other commercial establishments.

One of the streets that stand out from the Street March 25 is the Slope Port General, at Rua Boa Vista Street and ends on March 25, being on a hill, it takes the name of the hill.

The shops of Rua March 25 work all week, from 8 Ace 18hrs.


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