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About Maraú

Maraú is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Bahia. Its population in 2004 was 18,812 inhabitants.

The Marau Peninsula, was chosen as the place more beautiful eco-tourism in Brazil. It is an immense paradise in Southern Bahia, between the bay and Camamú Itacare. The Marau Peninsula is still one of the few places that preserves the ecosystem almost untouched, still possesses a rich marine system and immense biodiversity in flora and fauna. Here you can meet wonderful sites such as Ponta do Mutá, Blue Lagoon, Lagoon Cassange, Holed Stone Island and elsewhere also rich in ecological information.

Its landscape is dominated by huge palm trees, beaches, rivers and pools of water well greenbacks. Fishing village in Bahia Maraú is simple and beautiful. The walks on the Atlantic, accompanied by marmosets, leading to waterfalls and several beaches, such as Barra Grande, the most famous place of the Saquaíra, Cassangue, chosen as one of the best in Brazil, the Shells and many others. It also offers the charms of the islands of the Holed Stone, the Thrush and Goió, and the Camp.

From the top of Morro de Taipú Belvedere, you can appreciate the full extent of beaches to the north and south to the town of Itacare. Another must-see is the ride Morro Bela Vista, the best vantage point of the Marau Peninsula. And finally, the beach Taipú de Fora, listed as the highlight among the local beauties. Its landscape is complete with tall coconut trees, white sands and the Atlantic forest, cut by native streams that descend to the ocean.

Only recently the Marau Peninsula and Bahia was discovered by tourists, but locals elders say that the small town has been visited by the French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of "The Little Prince", which would have remained in town long enough to maintain a residence there.

Anyway, the importance of the city in centuries past is revealed today in the buildings of ancient architecture. From the belvedere uptown, achieves a beautiful view of the Maraú estuary and the lower city, being able to observe the extensive exhibition area and vessels in the harbor. Fishing is an important source of income for the city. In agriculture, grow up rubber, palm oil, clove, peach palm, cocoa, guarana and black pepper kingdom. A street fair moves to town on Saturdays.


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