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About Maragogi

Maragogi is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Alagoas. Located 125 km from Macei, the municipality located in the eastern and northern coast of Alagoas Alagoas.

It is located at latitude 09 0044 "south and longitude 35 1321" west, with an altitude of 5 meters. Its population in 2011 was 29 280 inhabitants, the average temperature is 27 degrees.

And its economy based on tourism, fishing and agriculture. It has the most beautiful beaches on the coast of the reefs between the southern coast of Pernambuco and Alagoas northern coast, so it is considered one of the most important regional tourist poles.

Halfway between Maceio and Recife is Maragogi. Planted in the heart of the Coral Coast, the town calls attention to the beautiful set that combines crystal-clear sea, fine sand, coconut trees and reefs, not to mention the excellent infrastructure hosting.

Besides the heavenly elements, the landscape is enhanced further by the Welsh, the huge pools six miles from the coast, full of fish and accessible by catamarans and motorboats that depart from the central beach.

The attractions of Maragogi, however, are not limited to natural aquariums. The scenarios, both the North and the South, are charming and practically deserted. Toward Pernambuco, beaches Burgalhau, Barra Grande and Ponta do Mangue, with its turquoise waters, yet earn the hardiness of fishing villages with simple houses and colorful rafts crossing the sea.

In small towns around, like Barra de Santo Antnio and So Miguel dos Milagres, programs include river crossing, visiting the islands and walks amid the historic buildings.

The gastronomy is another strong point of the region, with simple and good restaurants specializing in seafood at the beaches and villages. Be sure to try the famous cookie gum, a kind of sequilho based on butter and coconut milk, sold in bars and shops.

The delicacy is produced in the town of St. Benedict, four kilometers from Maragogi.


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