Maracaja˙ Beach

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Tourists are enchanted and play before such beauty
There are 60km from Natal, Maracaja˙ beach is famous for its reserve and coral reefs that stand out from the pools of clear water. Diving is another attraction to be competitive in calm water and have an extensive marine life, dive tourists between octopus and morays and delight.

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Maracaja˙ Beach is famous for its formation and coral reefs, known as parrachos, seven kilometers from the coast, perfect for diving. There are 60 kilometers from Natal, the beach is home to rich marine fauna, such as parrotfish, puffer fish, octopus and moray eels seen at low tide.

Their pools of clear water and allow the transparent practice of diving, a great option for those who have not had this experience. Amidst the plunge, you can clearly see whole schools of fish and feed them normally.

If you want to make a passage marked by Maracaja˙ Beach, select a day of sunny and very low tide when the water visibility is greater.

During the night, Maracaja˙ provides various leisure tourist spots for you to make the most of the trip. Tents with live music and forro foot of the mountains enclosing the night accompanied by the beautiful view of the beach.


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