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About Macaé

Macae is a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has a total area of ​​215.904 km ² 1.

A city that grows an eye on the future. So is Macae, one of the most developed cities in the State in the last twenty years.

Considered the Capital National Petroleum Macaé grows apace. Business tourism boosted investments in luxury hotels and services, particularly in the categories leisure and gastronomy.

Feeling the black gold, Macae Brazil hosts to Offshore, an event that brings together some 500 companies in the oil sector from 50 countries. The fair is held at the Convention Center Journalist Roberto Marinho, the second largest in the state.

The wealth of Macae, but not limited to oil. Inside, the town has sea and mountain in one place, with waterfalls and beaches for all tastes. One of the points is Cavaleiros beach, very busy and full of bars and restaurants.

Sin The beach is ideal for surfing and bodyboarding, besides attracting the classes of line fishing and spearfishing. Also worth mentioning beaches Camper, with many waves, and Prainha do Farol, with 150 meters of beauty and tranquility. The beaches of Fort Imbetiba and are wanted for leisure activities and hiking.

Those seeking adventure finds good doses in Sanaa, district Macae. There, rivers, waterfalls and trails serve as a backdrop for extreme sports such as cascading, rafting and climbing.


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